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19-08-2006, 08:03 PM
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It is recommended that you register, although you do not need to. It will allow others to identify you in discussions.

Please be kind. I know that people may be harsh during arguments, but please do not just call people names or talk down their opinions like they are nothing. That will not be tolerated.
Anyways, have fun here! http://img.runboard.com/img/default_post_icons/yay.gif

News Discussion Rules:
This forum is for discussion about news of the game. Please no off topic random news, keep it related to CNC3.

General Discussion Rules:
These are the CNCFORUMS network CNC3 message board. Please follow their rules! (http://www.cncforums.com/register.php?do=showrules)

Poll Discussion Rules:
This forum is for the discussion of the polls on CNC Vision located here. All polls are located here. Threads will be made for each poll. You must post in the correct thread that pertains to the right poll. You are tracked and for the most part cannot vote more than once. If you find a way to vote more than once, please dont do it. The point of the polls is to have creditibility and really show what we want in this game. I know that all polls have ways to vote more than once, but these polls seem to work very well.

Example: What name do you prefer for CNC Tiberium Wars?

If you would like to comment on that poll, you would post it in that thread. Not too confusing id say.