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20-08-2006, 03:27 AM
Please post ideas here only pertaining to Tiberium. The title of your post should be a few words that generally describe your idea.

20-08-2006, 03:28 AM
These are the ideas that were on the first CNC VISION site, made up of user submissions and ideas taken from the official forums, credit is given after the idea in parenthesis:

--Evolved Veinhole monster, e.g. catching units in its veins and transport them to the hole

--Having different shades of green that eventually turn into a blue. The darker the green, the more the tiberium is worth. Blue tiberium with this idea comes from green tiberium.

--Naval units should only be in the green zones, or in lakes, because in Firestorm most of the water was impassable due to tiberian algae (stated in the Firestorm manual)
(Opinion made by many on the official forums)

--Tiberium should emerge from their brown pods in tight bushels (the pods are not visible in the artwork shown

--More tiberium mutations in general.

--Maybe a pumping station sucking water and filtering Tiberium plants. This would be put in a silo where your harvester would pick it up and bring it to the refinery.

--Water Tiberium - Could be harvested by water harvesters. Would open a new area of maps to defend with naval units, as well as another refinery which naval units could dock to dump their tiberium. This would allow for tiberium mutated sharks, as well as other sea animals.

--Red Tiberium by the never seen Tiberium Aboreus from Tiberian Sun

--I was thinking that since tiberium trees come into existence when an actual tree is mutated by tiberium (and subsequently might be made of tiberium since time has passed since TS:FS and the trees actual tissues may have been converted to something close to pure tiberium) maybe you could bust one up, wide open, to litter the landscape with tiberium when you are running low on funds...(maybe this could work when/if you find a tiberium tree with no tiberium around it that has amassed in size comparable to a 3-5 story building)

20-08-2006, 03:31 AM
A theory about Vein holes and Tiberium cooperating:

As we know Vein holes gets the materials over ground and tiberium underground.
The tiberium plants takes up the minerals, and it becomes a crystal that the root system of the Veinhole absorbs without damaging the tiberium plant.
The nutrients goes back down in the ground, which means that the Tiberium plant can once more pick it up with other materials.
Then say that Vein holes is a plant which terraforms the planet faster than the Tiberium does.
So for the Veinhole to get it materials it co- exist together with the tiberium plant. The tiberium plant gets back the nutrients so it can continue to live, it does need to feel fear of the nutrients to get empty and the Veinhole gets the material it needs to survive.

--Veinhole monsters collect minerals (vehicles, tanks) over-ground, correct?
And Tiberium collects minerals from underground, right?
So what about the vein hole monster collecting Tiberium (full of minerals)?

20-08-2006, 03:31 AM
--In Firestorm manual Page 5 & 6:
"The third form of Tiberium is the scourge of the seas and has been working it's way through the crust of our
planet for decades. Green and blue Tiberium have been noticed on the sea floor along with colonies of a new form of algae floating on the surface of nearly every ocean. Highly toxic in nature, these colonies are connected to small strands that attach back down to the sea floor, currently making sea voyages nearly impossible. This altered form of Tiberium does not seem to have any of the beneficial side effects of it's land based counterparts (i. e. the leaching of useful elements). Unfortunately, these colonies are slowly spreading towards our inland waterways. This development threatens to damage our drinking water supply, and if we cannot stem the growth of this process, we may have much less time than we think"