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20-08-2006, 03:46 AM
Please post ideas here only pertaining to multiplayer gaming (an example would be LAN gaming or awards for not BSing your partners online). The title of your post should be a few words that generally describe your idea.

20-08-2006, 03:47 AM
These are the ideas that were on the first CNC VISION site, made up of user submissions and ideas taken from the official forums, credit is given after the idea in parenthesis:

--Have alliances set before the game starts, so that you have to force fire on your allies buildings in order to BS them (will cut down on back stabbing).

--There should be awards for playing online with friends and not backstabbing. An example would be playing ten consecutive games with the same person will unlock benefits that only you and that person can utilize.

--LAN World Domination battles
There were rumors of a World Domination ladder. How about a World Domination for smaller groups?
Just a LAN version, doesn't count for any online points, but have maybe 20 battles in total, over the various terrains. Could have multiple groups of people fighting different battles, and just report the results to the main computer on the LAN.
Example: A group of eight people, 4 vs. 4. Start off randomly with two 2 vs. 2 battles, determine the winners of each, randomly pick another two sites, repeat until the entire world is won.