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20-08-2006, 03:47 AM
Please post multiplayer ideas here that are miscellaneous and cannot be placed in another section. The name of your post should be a few words that generally describe your post, or the name of a section that your post should go in that is not currently available on the message board.

29-08-2006, 02:45 AM
#1 for me is to be able to block anyone who contacts you.... If the send a message i want to be able to block them. Im currently being harrased by this little upstart who some of you know as bother-blood (lil' idiot couldnt even spell brother before i ment him....)

well I finaly lost it with him and told him to **** off get ****ed etc etc but as i didnt ignor him before i deleated him i can not ignor him and he is sitting in either a game or main page constantly calling me so i cant start a game without it crashing....

#2 different coloured writing :p like in MSN with the diff fonts etc..... but no size changes.....

#3 flood-control.... You can only post say 10 messages before you are blocked for 30 sec or so..... help avoid spam bots from owning the lobbies....

#4 games that update on there own/more reguarly. Its annoying joining a game only for it to be full or have started already.

#5 maybe some sort of reward system simmilar to BF2 where as you progress through the ranks you get better units.

#6 Overhaul the communicator its a piece of junk IMO too small for detailed messages and its annoying in game as it just wont let you type out a sentence while your playing. leading to everyone using TS, Skype and Xfire.... most of them only on 56k modems and causing uber lag.

#7 better kick facility.... need i say more? If someone is creating Lag they should be out on there ear!

#8 more options when hosting.... I want to be able to add/remove super weapons only have certain gens etc.... just more options like TS did.

#9 A login system more like BF2 maybe... In that you have the option to add a clan name infront of your name instead of using Gamespyid.

#10 auto firewall detector! how simple is that? when you log in you have to quickly download a small file if it works you can play! If it dont your PC explodes in your face....

#11 when an ally DC's his units become yours....