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20-08-2006, 03:49 AM
Please post ideas here only pertaining to GDI Special Weapons. Please place the name of the Special Weapon in the title of the post, and then describe it in the post in this manner:

Recharge Time:

20-08-2006, 03:50 AM
These are the ideas that were on the first CNC VISION site, made up of user submissions and ideas taken from the official forums, credit is given after the idea in parenthesis:

--Name: Ion Cannon
Purpose: Localized High Damage Weapon
Duration: 4-5 Minutes
Brief: Small radius damage and medium area stun effect lasting 1- 2 seconds. Pretty much everything else is like before, single blast no Particle Cannon crap.

--Name: Ion Cannon
Purpose: Same as old ion cannon, except that you must have Ion Beam Projector instead of Ion Cannon Uplink.
Recharge Time: 4-5 minute recharge. (or maybe instead of just being one small shooting beam, you could control where the beam went, like you could drag the cursor around and the beam would follow... if moveable, the recharge time would increase to 6-8 minutes the beam would last for 10 seconds)

--Name: Upgraded Ion Cannon
Purpose: Fires 7 high damage ion lasers (in hexagon shape, with one beam in the middle) at chosen spot on the battle field.
Recharge Time: (sounds better than duration, as duration sounds like how long the effect lasts) 10-14 minutes
Brief: Basically like 7 ion cannons firing at once. The Ion Beam Projector (the structure you would have to build to get the Ion Cannon. In order to get the Upgraded Ion Cannon, you would just have to buy the upgrade software...or something, have not thought that all the way though) on the ground fires a beam up into the satellite that is refracted into 5 different beams that then shoot downward at the chosen spot on the battlefield. When they hit the ground, they do high localized damage, but also have splash effects (like, it does not just destroy the part it hits, like with the GDI Ion Cannon, it also would do damage to a limited area around each beam. Would still allow building on the damage spots (would not create craters...or maybe it should... hmmm...)

--Ion Cannon Idea:
Now we all know that it can only hit a small area and the area it hits doesn't take a massive amount of damage. However I think the ion cannon should charge up reach completion which is the minimum firing requirement of the capacitors however if you leave it alone after that it will continue to charge so the longer you leave if the more damage it can do, up to a limit of course 3 maybe 4 times the damage of its base charge at most. that way people won't always immediately fire the ion cannon wherever they want it as they can wait and deal more damage. even at maximum power though there should be some buildings that can survive it (construction yard temple of nod maybe a couple others). another idea (not my idea) is the ion cannon makes impact on the target location then spreads out a certain distance doing damage in that radius (like the city destroyers in independence day but not as destructive) this can also be combined with my idea with 1 of 2 possibilities:

1. The longer you wait the larger the damage radius or
2. The longer you wait the more damage done but the radius doesn't change.

Ionic Pulse Bomb Cannon (IPBC)
Takes about 10-12 minutes to charge, 1 minute to position
and seconds to laser guide it.
Brief: The aftermath is devastating. There will be like some kind cloud hole above its designated target with
some brilliants colors. When the pulse plasma bomb hits the ground, the screen turns white for a
moment. After which blue shockwaves with a blue explosion in the middle will happen. Any unit, not
structures, which end up in the blue explosion dies instantly regardless of strength. Radar goes offline
for about one minute. Structures which get hit by the shockwave suffer serious damage (about 25
to 75 percent depending on the blast radius). There will also be a deep crater like hole in the middle
which makes it unable to build structures in it.

--Name : "S.P.A.R.T.A.N.C Project" aka "Super Powered Accelerated Railgun with Tactical
Advanced Nuclear Cartridge"
Purpose: Super Wide area Heavy damage with side effects.
Duration: 10-14 minutes
Brief: The result of the final improvement made to the ion cannon. Using a Nuclear Cartridge and pure ionic
energy, the two unstable energy sources combine to form this railgun resembling the ion cannon, only its
much more deadly. The only problem is that it also requires the technology from Nod and the player must
have the structure called the TEMPLE of Nod built in order to build this superweapon. It fires a blue light
beam at its designated target, towards reaching it from a few kilometers from the target, the laser splits
into 3 mini-lasers to form a pyramid. It then traps the target preventing it from leaving. The satellite then
fires another red beam and hits the tip of the triangle causing a chain reaction and anything within the
pyramid is immediately decimated regardless of its strength being it a superweapon structure or a
construction yard. It then sends super shockwaves of a wide radius causing substantial damage to anything
nearby, friend or foe. Radar goes offline for the enemy and their power gets cut off for one minute. A large
crater is left at the point where the laser strikes making it unusable to build structures. The only downside
of this weapon is that is requires a lot of power and once the player's base power is offline at any second,
the superweapon must recharge from the beginning. This will give the enemy time to destroy the opponent's
base without having him to fire the S.P.A.R.T.A.N.C. Project.

--Name: Plasma Pulse Satellite
Purpose: Instead of an Ion satellite, this satellite could fire a giant three pulse burst of plasma to hit the ground with explosive effects. Causing a three mini MOAB type explosions in rapid succession in a short line. Of course, the explosions should be a light blue colored with red/yellow/orange secondary effect.

--Name: ICBM Strike
Purpose: Pinpoint strike with area damage
Duration : 2 - 4 minutes
Requirements: Some sort of technology center with some sort of communications center
Brief: GDI has off-screen weapons deployment capabilities (i.e. Nuclear Sub, MLRS etc..) of firing a precision guided long range missiles to any point, when ready you point to your target and launch, a ballistic missles will travel across screen (visible in map) to its destination where it destroys a building or unit. Highly effective against light to medium buildings, shallow area effect will damage nearby units but not as much. Since missles travels across screen it can be countered against (although not easily) with AA or some sort of anti-air defense missles. Since it causes only pinpoint damage to a singular stationary unit or defense structure it reloads faster to allow multiple uses as opposed to a click and kill all weapon.

--Name: Sonic Missile Attack
Type: Single point medium damage
Duration: 5 minutes
Deploy from: Upgrade Center
Brief: After continued research in sonic technology, GDI has been able to create a small missile that generates a brief sonic burst around the impact area. The resulting burst will damage buildings and heavy vehicles but, due to the nature of the modifications required for the missile form, will only cause minor damage to light vehicles and infantry.

--Name: Infantry Drop Pods
Purpose: Instantly deploys 2 infantry Squads onto anywhere on the battlefield.
Duration: 4 - 5 minutes
Brief: From one of GDI's numerous space stations, 2 infantry Squads are fired through the atmosphere and straight into battle, instantly reinforcing your armies. A single squad of infantry consists of 3 Basic Infantry, 1 Advanced Infantry (Zone Trooper for example), and 1 Commando. A drop pod would give you TWO Squads. If a Drop Pod lands on a structure, it will be instantly destroyed, damaging the structure slightly if at all.

--Name: RCAS (Remote Combat Aerial Spy)
Purpose: Temporary area Spy w/Strike capabilities
Duration: 3-5 minutes
Requirements: Some sort of communication facility
Brief: Provides area loitering capability for short period of time, allow optional strike on unit(s) in area.
Works similar to UAV in generals except allows you to select the unit if enemy unit(s) of interest are spotted and you wish to attack that unit, if chosen to attack the RCAS immediately leaves the area once all air-to-ground munitions are spent. This allows a peak through the fog of war for a short period of time with the added benefit of striking a single unit or cluster of units within the blast radius of a missile (possible options or upgrades would be bunker buster type missles, or some sort of depleted tiberium missles (similar to depleted uranium).

--Name: Supply Drop Pod
Purpose: Instantly deploy a crate of supplies anywhere on the battlefield.
Duration: 4- 5 minutes.
Brief: Much like the Infantry Drop Pods, one of the numerous GDI Space Stations fires through the atmosphere a pod full of supplies anywhere on the battlefield. The supply crate inside the pod will heal all ally units on the screen AND give you 1000 credits. However, be cautious, the enemy CAN steal your supply crate if he or she get to it first.

--Name: Reinforcement Port
Purpose: Reinforcements Delivery
Duration: 2-5 minutes after you place order
Brief: This is a port in your base like in Emperor Battle For Dune and you place an order for units, the costs will be deducted from your credits with a 10% discount. Once you've place your order it will arrive 2-5 minutes later at the port. A large dropship will deliver the units.

--Name: Firehawk Strike
Purpose: Localized High Damage Weapon
Duration: 7-8 Minutes.
Brief: The Firehawk is a non - player controlled unit that flies in at sonic speeds and fires dual PHOENIX missiles that explode violently (lots of fire duh!). The Firehawk Strike: Call in 2 Orca Firehawks to target and destroy a selected target (even if the target is MOVING). The Phoenix missiles kill infantry instantly (FIRE!), damage vehicles heavily and some structures as well. The Firehawks are not immune to AA weapons and can be shot down.

--Name: Orca Firehawk Strike
Purpose: Localized damaged area
Brief: With 4 - 5 orca firehawks you can create a firestorm or burning area if you strike the same area.

--Name: Mobile EMP Cannon (MEC)
Purpose: Disable small area
Duration: 10- 12 minutes (however individual timer for each emp)
Brief: The MEC is like an MCV, it is a vehicle and once deployed becomes a structure, this emp fires out like the emp structure in TS but has a smaller blast radius. however each mobile emp has its own individual timer so you can have multiple emps

--Name: Fortress Mammoth
Purpose: This mammoth tank is massive, about 4 times that of a standard mammoth. Extremely slow, this unit has a huge amount of health and can crush infantry/light vehicles. The damage is no different to a normal mammoth but its range is higher. Effective for the first push though the enemy's main defenses allowing your reserves to charge through the clearing, or to be the forward line protecting your force that's massing out front of the enemy base (basically like a fortress). This does not begin recharging until the unit is destroyed and takes around 8 minutes.