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20-08-2006, 03:53 AM
Please post ideas here only pertaining to Nod Units. Please place the name of the unit in the title of the post, and then describe it in the post.

20-08-2006, 03:54 AM
These are the ideas that were on the first CNC VISION site, made up of user submissions and ideas taken from the official forums, credit is given after the idea in parenthesis:

--Subterranean Firetank that is better than the Tiberian Sun model. Better AI for the unit (In Tiberian Sun, they gather around each other and then shoot through each other to the target, which kills almost all of them due to friendly fire).

--Assault Troop Launcher:
-A special APC that transports up to 8 light infantrymen (not the zone troopers), that can't fire from inside.
-It's a tracked vehicle with moderate armor and speed. Equipped with an auto cannon that only functions when there's infantry inside.
-The main "weapon" fires special pods with the carried infantry inside over a long distance. The range is
about the equivalent of the Nuke Cannon from generals. Perfect for hurling them over walls, defenses, rifts, or rivers. The pods fire in pairs, with a short reload time. The whole 8 person squad will get launched in about 6 seconds. The pods have a small thruster that slows it down just before impact, and then it blows open revealing the infantry inside. Some times the passengers get a slight random damage from the landing (but, hey, that's the Nod style!).
-The ATL has to deploy in order to launch the infantry pods.
-The ATL can be upgraded with a few tweaks; Stealth coating, "fire all pods at once"- modification and ECM missile jammers.

--Since Nod have the mentality that they should die for their cause and for the greater good of humanity, they should have some kamikaze and suicide units. An example would be a kamikaze subterranean tank that would detonate under a building or come up and detonate on the surface.

--Stealth Tiberium Bomber:
Drops tiberium bombs

--Stealth Black Hand:
Stealth black hand units that go with the stealth tanks.

--Chemical Trooper:
Advanced flame thrower infantry that can cross the tiberium fields without being hurt.

--Laser weapons like the laser rifle or laser chaingun.

I would love to see a NOD mech that has 2 weapons, primary weapon is a laser based attack similar to the obelisk tower, long recharge, but immensely powerful and armor penetrating. And also mounted on the opposite side of the mechs upper torso is a chain gun for infantry. (It would auto fire one of the other, or both, depending on the opposing units)
-Then it would also have a "special" attack that would be on a timer so you could only use it once every minute or so that would fire a rocket salvo, devastating to all ground unit types.
-This mech would tower over infantry and be about 3-4 times taller than a typical medium tank. It should also have a trample effect if it walked over smaller vehicles and infantry.
-This type of unit should have immense armor and be very hard to take down. Usually accompanying a battalion of special forces infantry.
-A "hero" type of unit.

--Subterranean Mine Layer:
Mines are underground, so might as well have the mine layer down there too!

--Stealth Harvester:
Upgrade to the Nod harvester to combat GDI's ability to assign a carryall to a harvester and fly it over cliffs and lakes.

--Seismic Charge Cannon:
Fires a slug that penetrates the ground and detonates causing a massive seismic wave - like a small, local earthquake, that damages buildings, walkers (topple over) and subterranean units, but barely hurts normal units. Walls and towers are especially weak against this blast. Infantry just fall over but don't get any damage, unless they are inside buildings...The ground should shake and crackle, with dust and rocks flying around.

--Upgraded Tick Tank:
Ability to have tiberium poison in the shells (makes it more effective against infantry)

--Obelisk Tank:
Should be a rather large tank which has the obelisk laser for a turret...it would cost quite a bit but when it is destroyed the turret could come off and still kill enemy units although it would be a lot weaker turret, sort of like the laser turret from TS.

--Smart Spider Mines:
Mines that would lurk in the ground, sense proximity, dig up and run after passing enemies, grab hold of tanks and explode.

--Name: Bunker Deployer
Purpose: Terrain acquisition / defense
This airborne unit is not armed, but is dangerous. It has the ability to deploy a
bunker slung underneath it quickly anywhere on the map. However, have infantry ready
to garrison because the building can be taken by either side. The craft would return
to the airfield / helipad to reequip.

--Name: Scorpion Gunship
Position: Air
Description: The Scorpion Gunship would have two weapons. Its primary weapon would be four air to air missles resembling scorpion claws. It would also have a scorpion tail that hangs down on the back end of the aircraft that can shoot a laser.

--Name: Hellion
Position: Ground
Description: Flame tank that can also shoot long range flame shells that explode when they hit the ground. It can clear out buildings or clear groups of infantry before they can attack.
(Daeas - altered by Ekklitz)

--Name: Incendiary
Position: Ground
Description: Essentially, this is a heavily armored infantry unit that is immune to fire and tiberium, with a grenade launcher in hand. He fires rocket propelled grenades that carry a napalm load that explodes and scatters in area of impact. Effective against groups of enemy units moving in formation. The napalm does damage over time as well as the initial damage, the dot works on all units and structures unless they are immune to fire-based weapons.

--Name:Submarine Transport
Position: Water
Description: Can transport units undetected, only visible when loading and unloading.

--Name: Vindicator (working title)
Faction: NOD
Type: Long- range attack vehicle
Strength: High
Armor: Low
Speed: Medium
Cost: Expensive
Description: Once deployed, this vehicle launches advanced missiles that can be equipped with different weapons (like the SCUD Launcher). The player can select either:
Shockwave � Once the missile hits the target, it drills into the ground and releases a localized shockwave, causing the ground to shake violently. This does considerable damage to mechs, buildings, and large units.
Tiberium Gas � Once the missile hits the target, it releases a toxic cloud of concentrated Tiberium gas. Nearby infantry are killed or mutated almost instantly, light vehicles suffer medium damage. If a gas-equipped missile hits an enemy structure, gas is released both outside and inside the building. The occupants are killed instantly and the structure turns neutral. The clouds linger in the air for a period of time.
Napalm � Once the missile hits the target, it explodes in a large fireball, covering nearby units and structures with napalm. Infantry are killed instantly and the napalm continues to burn for a period of time.

--Name: Tiberium Tank
Description: Tank that shoots Tiberium shards.

--Name: Medic Truck
Description: Medic truck that drives around and can heal infantry.

--Name: Tiberium Poison Mortar
Position: Ground
Description: Superior to Napalm Mortar

--Name: Subterranean Carrier
Position: Subterranean Vehicular Transport
Description: Nod's version of a carryall. Max of two tanks.

--Name: Deceptor
Description: Modern Stealth tank, light-to-medium armor, slightly faster, Utilizes highly damaging and explosive Dragon 3 missiles launched from rotating pod. This turns the Stealth Tank into a surprise high- damage unit.

--Name: Nod subterranean garrison escape
For Nod infantry, give them the option of escaping a garrisoned building underground into another building. Range is limited (so they can't cross the entire map) so maybe a block or two away. Considering their extensive use of subterranean technology, this is "feasible".

--Thumper: Uses ground thumper to locate tiberium deposits
Mastermind: Manufactures unit/structure parasites.

--Sniper Upgrades:
-Uses Tranq. darts that put troops to sleep for limited time (good when reloading)
-Uses a dart that releases a parasite that damages over time (troops/vehicles)

--Harvester Upgrades:
Thumps the ground until Tiberium deposits appear.

--Troop Upgrades (Purchased at barracks):
- Gunner: Special coating extracted from native worms applied to bullets. Causes more damage.
- Parasite Trooper: Releases Parasites near enemies. Attaching to troops damaging over time.
- Ambusher: Hidden underground. They deploy parasites that capture troops by secreting a substance that take control of troops converting them to usable troops while en-route to base.

01-09-2006, 12:07 AM
An idea that was emailed to me:

Nod Priest

Nod should got something like a priest as unit.
This unit can revive fallen enemy soldiers. But after a fallen soldier is revived
the Nod priest will convince/convert him to fight for the Nod.

01-09-2006, 12:11 AM
Sounds a bit like Lord of the Rings to me; I've always thought of C&C as at-least semi-realistic.

14-11-2012, 09:17 PM
I was thinking it would be cool to have a vehicle with a drill so it could travel underground. It would take ages to reach its destination but it could surface behind defences and unload a tank or soldiers.

Another cool idea. Soldiers with not jet packs, as they will never be practical, but these mini helicopter packs that you can wear which are real.

14-11-2012, 09:28 PM
it should be possible to hide what you've got even if GDI fligh over with a spyplane/drone plane by artificial or natural means. e.g. warehouse to store so many vehicles.

Fake tanks could deter an enemy so that they focus on their defence or cause an enemy to attack a certain location with no significance