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20-08-2006, 03:57 AM
Please post ideas here only pertaining to the 3rd faction's units. Please place the name of the unit in the title of the post, and then describe it in the post.

20-08-2006, 03:58 AM
These are the ideas that were on the first CNC VISION site, made up of user submissions and ideas taken from the official forums, credit is given after the idea in parenthesis:

--CABAL: Cyborg Commando from Tiberian Sun
--Scrin: Tiberium Aliens...they would have a Tiberium Rifle. The Scrin would obviously
know that Tiberium harms humans easily, so their main alien infantry could have
a Tiberium gun (like the Tiberian Auto Rifle from Renegade).

--The forgotten wont have a harvester, since the forgotten are immune to Tiberian poisoning,
regular people will just collect the resources from the tiberium. The mining workers can
also heal other infantry, thus acting like a medic also.

--Makeshift Units:
The forgotten will be able to make units out of GDI and Nod technology. They will return the
parts to the factory where they are combined into one tank that has both abilities. Speed and
power will be sacrificed to maintain balance.

--Cyborg reaper mounted on a hover base: The hover base would make it easier to move on uneven
environment. It could still have the web shooter, but the rocket system stinks because in FS
the rockets scattered and hit friendly units, so it should be replaced with maybe laser
or chemical sprayer.

--CABAL: Skeleton cyborg:
Skeletons are dug up from the ground, and CABAL has put machinery in them that makes them
controllable/moveable. They should have Vulcan cannons as weaponry.

CABAL: Cyborg
Basic CABAL soldier. Carriers twin gatling guns that can shred through air and land units with vivid accuracy.

--CABAL: Shrieks
Heavily armored robots, Shrieks are unarmed when undeployed but as soon as they deploy they transform into something like a miniature Pulse Turret that can rapidly fire at both land and air units (Think Galvatron from Transformers). The reason Shrieks are so effective is that they aren't as expensive as their structure equivalent and are very effective in groups.

--CABAL: Monitor
The Monitor is a specialized line of cyborgs designed to do just that, monitor the battlefield. Equipped with a personal stealth generator and a large line of sight, they can give vital info on anything just by being next to it. For example, bring a Monitor next to an enemy harvester and you will find out how much Tiberium it is carrying. Bring a Monitor next to an enemy refinery or powerplant and you will know how much money/power they have, you can also find out what the enemy is building and when the enemy's superweapon will be ready. Monitors can also fire unlimited trackers on any enemy units, allowing you to permanently be able to see what that unit sees.

--CABAL: Siren
A very versatile and specialized cyborg, extremely fast and very acrobatic. A siren is able to pounce at enemy infantry (killing them almost instantly) and land vehicles, using her plasma charged hands to literally stab and melt through the tank armor (imagine 2 light sabers for hands that are stabbed over and over into the tank hull), SHE makes quick work of vehicles and once she is on top of a vehicle, every attack she receives damages the vehicle as well. However Sirens are vulnerable to attack while on top of an enemy unit. Sirens are so acrobatic that they can flip down cliffs unharmed. The Siren cyborg's main weakness is that it is ineffective against all structures. (Yes, Siren is inspired by one the early C&C concept art)

--CABAL: Oblivion
The latest version of the Cyborg Commando from the previous war. Code- named 'Oblivion', This powerful prototype cyborg is the heaviest infantry in the game, heavily armored yet slow moving, it is capable of leveling entire bases with it's QUADRUPLE plasma casters, one for each of its four arms. Oblivion however truly shines when it is deployed, it becomes a stationary cannon (much like deployed Shrieks) that can hurdle vollies of plasma at more than twice its normal range. Oblivion's four plasma cannons are SHREDDING, 2 plasma casters fire while the other 2 are recharging, making for an endless stream of plasma. When undeployed Oblivion is actually capable of engaging TWO targets at the same time, one target for each pair of plasma casters. They can take down infantry and vehicles rather quickly, and when deployed it will make even quicker work of structures.

--CABAL: Omnidroid
An all-round light and fast moving unit. The Omnidroid is a scout and repair unit all in one, armed with a light chain gun only it won't fair well in battle. However the Omnidroid makes it up by being able to repair both Cabal's infantry and vehicle units, it also makes a very good scout early in the game.

--CABAL: The Collector
The sinister Collector unit is a massive bio- prison that hovers over the battlefield with an array of appendages or tentacles that it utilizes to instantly capture any organic infantry unit (enemy or neutral). Heavily armored but unarmed, the Collector's only true defense is against infantry units that it can capture instantly, making it a good anti- infantry unit. The Collector has a max. capacity of 10 infantry units at a time, it can however make room by unloading them either in the Bio Plant (Cabal's powerplant) or the Assimilator (structure that turns abducted infantry into cyborgs for free) for usage. The Collector can also transport your own infantry (max capacity 10 as well).

--CABAL: Exterminator
Cabal's basic assault unit, based off early sketches of the Cabal Trooper. The Exterminator is the latest addition to Cabal's line of heavy cyborgs. The Exterminator is more machine than human and is much larger than the average infantry unit, as big as a tank in fact, with 4 legs that allow for added agility, the Exterminator will utilize it's single highly accurate laser cannon mounted on its shoulder to make quick work of infantry and vehicles. The Exterminator is an all- round unit, it isn't heavily armored however and the laser cannon doesn't have a fast RoF and the damage it deals is medium, however coupled with its peer the Reaper, they will make a deadly team.

--CABAL: Screech
Based on the "Flying Wasp" early C&C3 concept art, the Screech is a specialized drone unit that doesn't have an actual weapon, it resembles some sort of tank-sized insect such as a centipede. The Screech's true purpose is to be a smart mine of sorts. Once deployed, the Screech will curl up and bury itself inside the ground, becoming completely invisible to the naked eye. Once a vehicle passes near it, the Screech will explode from the ground and hug the vehicle into submission, killing the occupants inside with a deadly tiberium- based poison that it injects, it also damages the vehicle somewhat. Essentially it leaves the vehicle helpless and immobile, it ceases to belong to the enemy and turns gray, making it vulnerable to hijacking and reprogramming. The Screech will also pounce at any enemy air unit that passes over it, however the results are different. The aircraft along with the Screech will crash immediately, destroying both the Screech and the aircraft. Screeches ignore infantry units in general but they can be commanded to attack enemy infantry, killing them instantly.

--CABAL: Leech
The Leech drone goes hand in hand with the Screech drone, while the Screech disables enemy vehicles, the Leech hijacks them and reprograms the disabled vehicle to serve Cabal. Leeches are also able to reprogram enemy structures, by entering them a Leech can take over an enemy non-defensive structure in only a few seconds. Leeches are fast but completely unarmed and very lightly armored, they are also about half the size of a Screech and just like the Screech, it can bury itself to become undetectable.

--CABAL: Reaper
The cyborg Reaper unit from the previous war is back in all its glory, now serving Cabal and only Cabal. The Cyborg Reaper resembles the Exterminator a lot and even though the Reaper is larger it is equally agile due to its 4 legs. The Cyborg Reaper's weapon of choice is twin double missile launchers, capable of shooting 4 missiles at a time (no more Cluster missiles http://img.runboard.com/img/default_post_icons/sigh.gif), excellent for enemy vehicles and aircrafts but ineffective against infantry. However the Reaper has an answer for that, on its shoulder there is a snare cannon, that fires a net that traps infantry units temporarily, giving it the opportunity to either kill them or summon The Collector to abduct them.

--Name: Stealth Destroyer Tank (SDT)
A powerful (especially against stealth units) and fast tank that when selected will reveal all stealth tanks in a large radius. This affect is gone once the tank is unselected or selected with a group of other units. The SDT also has a short radius that reveals all stealth units for all to see like the Sensor Array in TS but this tank doesn't have to be deployed for it. But, when this tank is deployed, it has a large radius that reveals all stealth units for all to see and it is immobile, just like the sensor array, except that it can fire when deployed. this tank is lightly armored except when deployed.

--Nanite Crawlers: Using their nanite technology to repair friendly units/structures or damage enemy units/structures. They attach themselves to their targets and slowly repair or damage. They are fast moving to traverse large area fast.

--Alien Drones: Their inherent nature is to rip anything to shreds causing same effect as nanite crawlers. They use the materials to repair their own units/structures. They are dropped in pods fired from their base. (SEE POD LAUNCHER)

--Subterranean Worms: Slicing through the ground very quickly they can arrive at a location for repairs or damage enemies by spitting a tiberium based ooze on them

--Alien Scout: Uses innate sensors to locate tiberium
Alien Scientist: Manufactures unit/structure Pods.

--Sniper Upgrades:
-Uses laser to "paint" target for bomblet shot from pod launcher
-Uses pod launcher that shoots a bomblet. When it gets near enemy it opens contaminating the target, Causing damage over time.

--Harvester Upgrades:
Shoots a laser making tiberium appear.

--Troop Upgrades (Purchased at barracks):
-Scrin Trooper: Tiberium based bullets/lasers. causes more damage.
-Pod Trooper: Shoots a pod-like shell that explodes near troops releasing tiberium based "poison". Causing damage over time.
-Mindmelder: This flying unit uses mind control ability. Troops are then loaded into pod attached to the unit to transport back to base where the conversion occurs over time.