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20-08-2006, 04:00 AM
Please post ideas here only pertaining to miscellaneous Special Weapons. Please place the name of the special in the title of the post, and then describe it in the post.

20-08-2006, 04:00 AM
These are the ideas that were on the first CNC VISION site, made up of user submissions and ideas taken from the official forums, credit is given after the idea in parenthesis:

--Name: Earthquake Satellite
Purpose: Boulders can jut out of the ground flipping tanks over. Chasms could rip open, and buildings and units topple into them. Its a excellent way to destroy fortified walls, and giant mine fields in a quick hurry. As an upgrade to the Earthquake satellite super weapon, it could be used to cause an earthquake to create an area of impassable land for ground units, because of all the chaotic terrain. For balance there could be the jump troopers, subterranean apc's/tanks, and air units that could overcome it, but no above ground based, tracked, legged, or hover vehicles. A good way to deter long- range artillery units by keeping them out of range. There could be two settings for the Satellite. Setting one: Standard earthquake damage. Setting two: Standard earthquake damage plus impassable terrain (through the upgrade). Also, the enemy who is trying to over come it could use bulldozers/workers, to remove it while needing protection leading to interesting skirmishes. The time it takes to remove it would be the time it takes to build a command center. Also, the jump troopers and other similar units that can land in it, could use the impassable terrain to get possible terrain bonuses using the jagged terrain as cover. There is a lot that can be done with a earthquake satellite. (Soiothurn)

--Name: Tactical Nuke
Deploy: Deploy from laser targeting unit
Brief: Its kind of like the nuke from Starcraft, but the unit that is laser targeting doesn't necessarily have to be invisible, it could be like an Orca or something. Both sides could get it, making it more interesting. The nuke would destroy the target it hit and damage heavier structures around it, and/or destroy lighter ones, such as walls and turrets.

--Name: Base invasion
Purpose: Damages all structures or units
Duration: 10 minutes
Brief: If used as GDI, a bunch of orcas or other air units swoop down from above the base basically raiding it and attacking random things, then retreating once out of ammo. Same for Nod, but from the ground with small units. Depending on the size of the base, there could be more focused damage on certain structures or units. Of course, these units are supplied from allied bases off the map. They are meant to finish off already damaged buildings or cause low power.

--Name: Outpost Deployment
Purpose: Deploys a small outpost base that can't expand.
Duration: 15 minutes
Brief: This is like a reinforcement from a GDI or Nod military base off the map. The base is automatically built by uncontrollable builders who then leave when finished. The base can harvest, has defenses, and auto repairs damages automatically. Brings in income and Intel from a large satellite. Able to reload units and repair them.