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20-08-2006, 04:00 AM
Please post ideas here only pertaining to miscellaneous Structures. Please place the name of the structures in the title of the post, and then describe it in the post.

20-08-2006, 04:00 AM
These are the ideas that were on the first CNC VISION site, made up of user submissions and ideas taken from the official forums, credit is given after the idea in parenthesis:

--Massive walls like the ones in the Tiberian Sun videos. They would be able to be garrisoned by infantry (so they could shoot down from them, maybe you could add outposts to the walls, and the infantry would garrison into the outposts). Make the walls able to be built on uneven terrain, and bring gates back!
(opinion of many forum members)

--Pavement that is much bigger, can be built on slopped terrain, and comes with each building possibly.

--Spotlights for night time.

--Some type of building that you could "garrison" up to 10 infantry inside, which would then be able to fire the infantry in pods across the map. The infantry pods would be vulnerable to any air fire, and also vulnerable for a few seconds once they land, but once they deploy and the pods open you could rapidly move your infantry troops across the map.

--Money distributed equally among Tiberium Silos. Have a few silo add-ons that can be constructed onto the main refinery to save space. Silos should take no power to run because they are simply canisters.

--Be able to purchase more loading bays to add onto the refinery, so that more than one harvester can unload at a time.

--False walls purely meant to fall on top of an attacking group should they get too close while infantry give fire from the real walls and sentry towers....(false walls slightly smaller so they don't block the fire from the real walls).

--Discover old buildings from TS in the campaign, very nice affect (they did this in Tiberian Sun).

--Name: Subterranean Staging Point
Purpose: The SSP would be invisible unless detected by a mobile sensor array. It would act as a war factory and barracks combo and would allow units to be sent anywhere on the map via a subterranean APC which would automatically return to the SSP after delivery.

--Name: Fighting Camp
Purpose: Terrain Denial / Resource Expansion
The fighting camp would consist of medium defense (bunkers and a Sam site or equivalent), a barracks and a refinery. This allows for a quick and simple solution to expansion. A max of three can be made and they are very expensive to prevent abuse.

--Name: Mobile Outpost
Purpose: Essentially it creates a mini-mcv that deploys into an outpost. The outpost is NOT a mini-conyard so it does not offer any new construction options, however it is garrisonable by any infantry type. It's purpose is to allow base expansion.
The mobile outpost is permanent and cannot be undeployed. It allows for new structures to be placed around it in a small parameter.

--Buildings have one or more turret slots to defend themselves.

--Barracks has a hospital upgrade so you can heal infantry right in your base.

--Machine that can speed up or slow down the speed of tiberium.

--Upgrades that make structures un-stealable by engineers until the upgrade is destroyed somehow.

--Buildable bridges.

--Buildings that collapse when destroyed and can then be garrisoned.

--The ability to build a super/great helipad for more money which supports the ability to maintain more fighters and got special features unlike to normal helipads.

--Two available structure updates available for normal helipads:
- Faster repairing
- Faster reloading

--A garage building to repair all kinds of units.

--Conyard upgrades- These will effect most structures/walls/units in general. Upgrades purchased here can increase the attributes and/or resistances.
-Tower upgrades- These garrisonable structures can house troops for additional defense. However ports are not available. So tower must be un-garrisoned either manually or automatically when it is attacked. This is so defensive structures don't become overly powerful.

--Tiberium Silo Upgrade: When a silo is kept full it develops "interest". When this occurs the structure shape will change in size to reflect that. 5,10,20% dependant on upgrade purchased.
-Tiberium Silo (GDI)
-Subterranean Vault (NOD)
-Pod Silo (Alien)