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20-08-2006, 04:01 AM
Please post ideas here only pertaining to miscellaneous Units. Please place the name of the unit in the title of the post, and then describe it in the post.

20-08-2006, 04:01 AM
These are the ideas that were on the first CNC VISION site, made up of user submissions and ideas taken from the official forums, credit is given after the idea in parenthesis:

--Resource Truck:
A truck that can take already processed tiberium from your refinery and dump it into your allies refinery
(Discussed within the forum)

--Artillery should shoot very far like the old CNCs

--Disk throwers need to be in the game, not grenadiers, this would follow continuity!
(opinion by many forum members)

--Name: Turret Bomber
Position: Air
Job: Support/Attack
Description: This small but fast plane can drop turrets which instantly construct and attack nearby enemy stuff. Useful as a prerequisite to taking ground for a second base. This plane can also be upgraded to drop mines which can defend your base.
Idea expanded upon by Cabaliuz:
efenseTurretOrca.png" ping="http://www.runboard.com/ping">http://xs.to/xs.php?h=xs101&d=06233&fhttp://img.runboard.com/img/default_post_icons/teef.gifefenseTurretOrca.png (http://xs.to/xs.php?h=xs101&d=06233&f%3Cimg%20alt=)
Flash video by Ekklitz:

--Infantry can go places that tanks and mechs can't. Examples are down narrow paths or down cliffs, and through forests. Small mechs like the wolverine could go through forests also.

--Let the infantry be able to be hidden from sight in infantry cover and ambush passing by enemies. Also give infantry the ability to use their own initiative for when to spring and ambush unless the player specifies otherwise.

--Snipers that can either become invisible, or else hide in the surroundings so they cannot
be spotted instantly.
(opinion by many forum members)

--NO HUNTER SEEKER...perhaps one of the only mistakes made by Westwood. At least make it destroyable, or only hit certain units!
(Opinion made by much of the community)

--When a lot of units are using a helipad to reload, with some aircraft off the pad waiting,
make it so when the reloaded units are done, they leave the pad, and the other aircraft
get on the pad!

--Units aren't stupid! If something is going to run them over they at least attempt to get out of the way. Infantry also won't run through a tiberium field if there are other paths to choose such as going right around the path. Babysitting units shouldn't be a huge point in the game.

--Vehicles crew can ditch their vehicle if it becomes immobile (bogged or toppled).

--Toppled walkers damage/destroy what they all on.

--Not all armored units explode into a million bits...some vehicle hills get left on the map providing cover with the possibility to be maneuvered to create a makeshift wall until it gets destroyed or salvaged.

-- Exploding Limpet Drone:
Like the normal Limpet Drone, but after attaching to units, it will wait for a command to detonate. You could have it attach to a harvester, and when it gets back to the refinery, you could explode it, destroying the refinery.
Instead of revealing through the fog of war like the normal Limpet Drone, you would only see a small red dot to keep things fair

--Combat Engineer:
Produces pill boxes, sand bag walls, trenches, and/or plants explosives to building armed with a pistol..
can not capture buildings like traditional engineers....2 ways to clear battlefield of land mines:
1) Scans for mine fields and clears mines that it finds
2) Step on mine
(*step 1 is highly recommended)
If normal engineer is about 500 credits combat should be between 750-1500 with a possible build limit of 1-5

--City/Field Sniper:
19mm Uranium filled bullets that will easily go through light and medium armored vehicles. The sniper
could switch between infantry rifle or vehicle rifle. He can be inside a building or on an office building roof
and scout through a specific part of the city.

-- Intelligence Deceiver:
This unit would cloak and deploy anywhere in your base. When the enemy looks at your base they see a different random base with base defenses in a different place and units gathered in different areas. When a unit from the opposing team sees the base, it returns back to normal for the time being (until the intruding unit is destroyed). It would be a very expensive unit at the end of the tech tree. It would cause the enemy to attack areas of your base that are actually heavily defended because they would see an area that is actually undefended. It can also wreck havoc in a number of other ways.

--Mobile Artillery Launch Pad:
A unit on treads that holds an aircraft. The aircrafts weaponry would be launched out as an artillery barrage (obliviating an area, not a single unit, causing major health loss but not 100% destruction). The aircraft could also take off from this unit and then bomb specific units to completely destroy them. You would want to use the aircraft if they didn't have any anti air. If you wanted to just bombard an area, you would leave the aircraft docked on the artillery pad.

--Mobile Sensor Array:
This unit would be a great replacement for mobile sensor arrays, if you build multiple ones, you could
use waypoints around your base and make them patrol around your base. They could reveal a wide area and could be useful as scout units. Its not a human so GDI wouldn't mind sacrificing it to scout. Nod should have one also.

--Think of a normal tank. It doesn't have a turret but some kind of "fan" on it's top. The bullets or laser beams or rockets or whatever come out of each of the ends.

--General Tank Idea:

--Mines! Infantry and anti-tank mines. Mine layers would deploy the big ones, while infantry squads would carry some small ones and booby traps.

--Name: Undecided
Position: Ground
Job: Siege/Transport
Description: This unit would have windows that garrisoned infantry can fire out of. The main purpose of it is bombardment from a safe distance, and if the enemy sends units at you can fight back. The garrisoned infantry can fire from the safety of the vehicle and take out tanks/ Infantry while the main Cannon is still shooting at its target, This would be very useful.

--Name: Pusher
Position: Ground
Type: Transport/ General
Description: Comparable to a humvee this light mech is ideal for raiding attacks that will hit the enemy hard. Garrisonable by up to 8 infantry this light mech is ideal for ambushes. Also armed with an auto cannon good at causing infantry carnage at short range. But this is another unit that isn't a one trick pony. It can dump its bunker and will have to run back to base weaponless before it can get another one fitted at the war factory. It can then pick up it bunkers at a later date. This is good for quick expansions Also when it dies its bunker falls to the ground at half health.
(Ekklitz expanding on idea by Red1Van)

--Hotwires/techs to repair in the field and ride in a fast APC.

--Virus Infantry:
Could go into a Tiberium Refinery. Once inside it could send small packets of money to you every x seconds. It would keep occurring until the enemy sent an engineer inside of the refinery to stop the unit.

--Astros System:
It should be perfect to make ambushes, and to hold a line of defense for some time, for a successful mobile base evacuation...A massive group of this should be capable of opening a good way through the enemies line, this is a good way to make a balance of different ways

--Drone technology:
Everyone assumes that all cybernetical technology has to be with CABAL, but didn't CABAL control these units with a chip added to them? Meaning all firestorm drones and cyborgs would have their loyalties to whoever made them. There could be many types of drone hunter killers armed with bombs, ranged weapons or just with saw blades. Their advantage would be speed since you can make hover or subterranean drones. I would also like to see exoskeleton suits like the zone trooper or wolverine expanded upon, because the idea has a lot of potential.

--Ninja (human or cyborg):
A unit that has a sniper rifle and C4, mines or grenades (no swords). The unit should be fast and that's why I think it should be a cyborg, because if a human is very fast it should have superpower, but a cyborg instead could just have parts that makes it fast (that's why I think that it would be better that the unit is in the NOD/CABAL side) . It should also have ability to climb in trees and shoot from there being hardly noticeable.

--Subterranean/Amphibious Harvester

11-09-2006, 11:24 PM
No weapons or special abilities. Instead it will have a variety of upgrades to give it like and anti tank gun, anti air gun, anti personall. It would be really neat!

15-10-2007, 01:56 AM
Name: Hellshower
Faction: Scrin

Well, GDI's got the shatter, and Nod's got their specter artillery, both of which have got decent range. So here's Scrin's counter to those units: The Hellshower.

What it is a mech-like unit (doesn't necessarily have to be a mech) that walks on four legs similar to a Tripod's. Mounted on it are eight proton arc cannons, similar to the weapon of devourer tanks and tripods. Undeployed it cannon fire, but when deployed, it fires eight long range a proton beam that arcs in a ballistic trajectory, devastating buildings and tanks. This would have a scatter effect similar to the Devastator Warship's, and a fire rate slower than that of a juggernaught. . It would have extreme range and power even greater than that of the juggernaught, but here's the catch: To make it fire, one must use its bombardment ability. This would function similar to the Juggernaught, only it only works within the range of the Hellshower. So, it has the potential to be absolutely devastating unit, but requires a good deal of micro to come to its full potential. It also has a secondary ability to fire each of its eight proton arc cannons one at a time, giving constant bombardment to an area, but it gives out less overall damage per minute than the simultaenous bombardment ability.

27-01-2010, 09:34 AM
ive got some ideas

a device that digs ground, can has lot of units, but not vehicles in it
in deploy mode it goes underground, it means, undercover, it could cross anything but cliffs, and become disundercovered anytime, but not under building, cos it would make game.exe fail
also it may destruct buildings from under ground

---S.A.D. (seismic activity detector)
used to undercover Hogs
it shall be easly destructible and it may garrison units thar work for device that makes some kind ofelectric wawes that damages Hogs
Hogs are grate advance for the side it owns it, aswell SAD's would be cheap and dangerous for 'em

aswell as we know taggers are vandals, painting the graffiti on streets, thats accualy is art, but not about it. Taggers shall make a building yours, without having an engineer, to ocupy it, also making garrinon buildings repairable by default like your own built, even works for trucks that you can control them. Tagger should be weak in health and very expensive (about 1700), also mountable in IFV, and thats why it may have a lot of possibilities.

sorry for my english, very bad i supose