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27-12-2006, 07:46 AM
Hello All,

I have a slight problem. I am playing the ZH General Challenge and I have tried with SW and Nuke and I can't seem to find all of Kassads buildings. In both instances I have gone over the map a dozen times and can't find any more units yet the game does not end. It is driving me insane. If anyone knows a way for me to locate the hidden units please reply I would really appreciate any help i can get.

27-12-2006, 07:47 PM
just build 20 nuke silos with nuke general and blast the hole frickin map to shreds when they are done!

ps: build more silos if 20 is not enough

27-12-2006, 07:47 PM
and do not hit your own base!

29-12-2006, 07:58 AM
Its hard indeed....

when you think you have won make loads of detector units (spy drones on units for USA, Lotus, survelence vans for China & gats on overlords, Radar vans + radar scan upgrade)

There are several places where there is stuff that you don't normaly get check these spots.

-Above your base a worker sometimes makes a tunnel network near one of the oil deriks.

-Very top Right of the map above your base. Route up has loads of Demo traps. Should be 2 oil deriks a tunnel network and a stinger site (+ asssorted GLA units)

-Near to the pipe into the hill directly outside your base there is a tunnel network.

-In the village where the route to the oil deriks (point 1) there is a tunnel network hidden at the back, also look around the supply pile thats bellow the village. Norm a supply pile there.

Now this is all working along the top of the map If you see it looks like 2 pinchers.

-Check all along the top mountain edge as there are baracks, war factories and the command center.

-Where the top scud storm is there is a palace just below it on the bit that juts out into the water. the ground is grey just where it is.

Moving along the bottom

-Directly left from your base is a mountain with 2 tunnels on it.

-The village there is swarming.

-at the far far bottom left is a war factory that is well hidden, its right in the very bottom left corner.

-Also a palace just above the lower scud storm near the chemical plant. Kill the Chem plant and most of the buildings are revealed.

All his buildings are cloaked BTW.... I don't belive you have to kill each stinger site in the lake (each little bit of land in the lake has a stinger site on it)

Make sure each narrow point has some sort of stealth detecting unit guarding it and you keep an eye on the mini map for workers..... they are a real pain....

Keep a lot of anti-inf units in your base plus a few tanks to guard against sneak attacks and tunnels.

Sneak attacks come near the edge of the map, right at the bottom near the oil, near the top at the oil, near wars/cash makers.

Tunnel networks do roughly the same but stick to the middle of your base.

Antrax bombs will be droped on your command center so get up lots of AA before it.

Scud storms will be droped on your Command Center/Supply pile and war factories. Make sure your defences are at least 1/2 way along the 'arm' of bolders next to your command center. Best for your defences to be right at the end (although the lower one will be attacked by the Arty gun on the mountain so kill it quickly) or have your defences just before its range.

All of Kasards main attacks at the front are kinda pathetic although watch out for rocket buggies. You need to be more careful about sneak attacks and tunnel networks.

Hope that helps.... come n ask about any Gen.... I know 'em :D