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Gameplay Mechanics Trailer Gameplay Mechanics Trailer : The first trailer featuring in-game footage was released on the 13th of November. It shows off the G ... [more] (17.63 MB) 26-06-2016 677 0
An Unexpected Alliance An Unexpected Alliance : The cinematic preview was released on the 24th of July. The human race is on the brink of extinction ... [more] (20.53 MB) 26-06-2016 667 0
WorldBuilder WorldBuilder : Allows you to create multiplayer and skirmish maps for Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight. As us ... [more] (8.59 MB) 25-06-2016 558 0
HDA Valley of Secrets HDA Valley of Secrets : Mission Map. Best played with 5 players. for this map to work correctly, you must play as Nod and et ... [more] (40.2 KB) 25-10-2010 691 0
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