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Thread: Community Appreciation Presentation for EA

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    I would like to contribute to a forum ciarevsntoon about group process. Please refer to an overview I have posted under the General Forum summary.The transformation that is at the heart of what OWS is embarking on is a shift from power over where a single executive or small group at the top of a hierarchy filters information, formulates agendas and issues commands to the bulk of the organization. A far superior organizational paradigm is power with where a horizontal ciarevsntoon/collaboration is conducted between all of the members of an organization, the people who actually add the value to what the organization produces, focused on commonly sought desired outcomes'. In the power with process all can see the work process, the product being developed, and the tools available to roll the product out. Anyone with skills, experience, wisdom relevant to steps and critical issues in the workprocess can furnish leadership to the group moving it forward toward the goal sought far faster and far more intelligently than hierarchical organizational limitations permit. All can improve on a continuous basis the process, the product, and the effectiveness of tools.Our young people are adept at instant communication using text, images, voice all of the modes that can make what is clear to others. How those tools are used to achieve group convergence, group creative power, and effective group action is the challenge. But the potential is to-hell-and-beyond more powerful and more agile than any fixed plan contrived by any isolated small elitist group.How OWS masters the power with form of human organizational excellence will determine whether we can transform what we don't want to what we do want. In the process a new standard for shaping organizations that outperform most in existence now will emerge. More important, the wise norm of all effected by a decision need to be a party to it will restore the well being and satisfaction lacking today where representatives of the people do something other that what benefits all and most get no satisfaction for having made a positive difference.OWS is off on the right foot. Developing and refining the OWS group process so that it outperforms anything that stands in its way can quite literally turn on the light that changes the world!

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