Hey everyone.

First off, I talked about the results from the last set of polls at the Community Summit that I attended.

If you would like to read my KW community summit report, check it out here!

About the polls for the future...

I am not going to do them nearly as frequently anymore. The problem I have is that by the time enough people vote, a lot of the poll questions are out of date as patches address the problems, or a change is made for the expansion pack so that the poll question is answered or the change you all wanted got put into the game. Now that I am in direct contact with APOC, I just email him the top things you guys want, so the polls are not required. I may run some every once in a while, and I will let you know when I do. With email contact with APOC, I have gotten much more done for everyone then I ever did with the polls, and it isnt as big of a pain in the butt for me to deal with.

If polls are done in the future, ill be sure to get everyone involved again. Thanks for all your support down our journey to help improve CNC3!

I will still be around here sometimes, my main home are the official CNC3 boards that I moderate. You can always PM me here or there and we can talk about whatever you'd like!