Ok Hi im new here, thought it would be a good place to find someone who wants to help with a mod.

The mod is called Stargate Universe In Conflict, a TC for Zero Hour, The mod changes everything thats is zero hour.

We have worked very hard but recently the staff has been a bit lazy some have not reported in over a month so were gona assume there done with the mod.

What we need: We could definetly use some animators, I myself animate but I will admit im not the greatest at it. We dont need but could use some more Texture artists, I and several others texture. We really could use help with the tons of coding we are going to be doing. Lastly, I need some one to help me with the rigging of the models for ingame use, I can do it myself just kinda hard with just one person.

If you would like to apply please post here and register at our boards.

Also our gallery on the boards is not up yet since this is our new boards, if you wana see pics of some of our progress, please check out our moddb page. http://www.moddb.com/mods/10475/star...se-in-conflict

Any help would be apreciated, also fyyi im actually second in command but I was given full admin abilitys due to the fact that me and the leader are the most active, so if you have any questions on the boards contact me not him.