Im posting this for a friend of mine who is soon to join the forums......

Ok, some details. Well this is a mod for RA3 that brings back the General's universe. This brings back all three factions (USA, GLA, and China) and Possibly a few subfactions. All three factions will have naval capabilities. All three factions will get an air force, too (though I can't promise every subfaction will have one). Gameplay is more like other CNC games (Con-yard buid style, for at least most factions), but will still feel like General's for the General's fans. If possible, we'll have FMV's, and for sure we'll have an awesome co-op campaign (hopefully to par with RA3's co-op). Some units and structures will come back from General's, but there will be plenty of new units and structures to try out. Like in RA3, every unit will have a secondary ability. Some structures will also unlock support powers and upgrades. On the subject of support powers, there will be four columns of them and more points, too! This mod will try to support different types of players, such as: Steamrollers, Guerilla Tactics, Turtlers, and Nukers (Yes! More superweapons!). There will be two superweapons for each faction, and one "ultimate weapon". There will be one defensive superweapon, and the other offensive. To get to the "ultimate weapon", you must first build the offensive superweapon, however. There are many other great details about this mod, but my brain is starting to hurt!!!

To let you know, this is my first mod. Some of you might not help with this mod for that reason. Others of you will not care if it's my first mod or not. Now, I will ask others who led mods before to help me get started. However, It is crucial that we have a great team. I know that RA3 isn't even out yet, but its a great idea to get a head start. Concept artists, Modelers, Voice actors, etc. can start without the game. I'll need alot of help. I can try some concept art, but I'm not that good, talented Concept artists are greatly appreciated. So would everyone else who has great talent at some process of making the mod. The team is the core group in making the mod good (I don't consider the mod designer being part of the team much, even though he is. I'm trying to be humble and honest). If you have a talent in some part of making a mod, your help would be extremely welcome.

PS I need help coming up with a name for this mod.
PSS Also if your good at composing I need someone for making music. Also, you're good at making websites, your help will also be appreciated.

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