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Thread: EpicMod 1.5 beta 2 released

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    Cool EpicMod 1.5 beta 2 released

    I finally release the second beta of this EpicMod and it's bigger than ever. I apologize for the typos back from the first beta.

    Download: (223 MB)

    Installation Instruction:
    Remember this mod is for C&C3 with patch 1.09 installed. Put the mod folder into:
    WinXP path: "C:\Documents And Settings\your user name\My Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Mods"
    WinVista path: "C:\Users\your user name\Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Mods"

    The 7-zip file can be opened either with WinRAR, 7-Zip or PowerArchiver.

    The purpose of this mod is to get a clean feeling of what the game is supposed to be played as, the righteous content of gameplay. Despite a lot of nerfs without a mod to C&C3, this mod reduces those nerfs applied to the C&C3 game. Now with more Kane's Wrath stuff, it brings this mod to a new level of gameplay and style, much funnier and better than most balance mods.

    Version 1.5 Beta 2 Changes

    • Fixed the readme file including the credits due to typos and word choices.

    • All SP and MP maps (prior to C&C3 v1.09) are modified for better zooming on the battlefield. Some SP mission maps have been adjusted and modified for game difficulty. (now included in the mod)

    • Re-Added the ingame music back including the Credits Screen. New track list is as follows according to zone:
    Base Building – Scouting/Flurry/Heroism, Drill/Ironfist/No Mercy, Creeping Upon/Depth Charge/Industrial, JustDoItUp/CNC Thang, Dusk Horizon (from Unreal), Shared Dig (from Unreal), Bog Remix
    Blue Zone – HM1/HM1remixFFTL, Rollout/Terminate, Alternative Reality (from Unreal), untitled Halo 3 theme
    Red/Yellow Zone – NodCrush/Pharotek, Trouble/Warfare, March to Doom/Enemy to Fear/Demolition, Take Them Out/Prepare to Battle
    Unknown Zone – Act of Instinct 3/Devil March, CrushRemix/HM1 Electro Remix, Floating/Mud, Airstrike/Traction, Slight Delay, Journey/Bounce, Trenches/Fogger, Technical Data/Composite, Snake/Await, Unreal2Intro
    Credits Screen – Harvester (by Animusic)

    • Action ingame music is no more unless you have 1000 allied or enemy units attacking each other, meaning that regular ingame music according to zone will be played longer.

    • Added the FX bloom feature to the mod.

    • Militant Squad portrait icon has been replaced with the updated one from KW.

    General Balance Changes:

    • Radar Scan, Radar Jamming Missile and Master Computer Measures support powers are now free of cost.

    • The Call For Transport ability to all GDI/NOD infantry and vehicles is now free of cost since players rarely use this ability as well as the AI itself. All MCVS, Rigs, and Harvesters (except Scrin Harvesters) can now call for transport. As of now, the building of air transports from the Airfield and/or Air Tower is no longer applicable because of this.

    • All Tech Centers will require both War Factory and Command/Operation Center in order to be built. Technology Assembler requires both Warp Sphere and Nerve Centre in order to be built. Tech Center and Tech Assembler increased the cost back to 4000.

    • GDI Shockwave Artillery cooldown increased to 240 seconds. ATK damage decreased by 15%.

    • GDI Firehawks using Stratofighter ability now has a 10 second cooldown.

    • Scrin Stormrider ATK damage increased by 10%, health decreased by 15%. After the health nerf, they still have more health than any average air unit in the game.

    • Scrin Devourer Tank increased its cost to 1200 from 1100.

    • Nod Venom increased its cost to 900 from 700. Health increased slightly.

    • Nod Stealth Tank increased its cost to 1600 from 1400. Speed and health increased slightly.

    • Quick note: APCs summoned from the Bloodhounds support power do not come with repair drones. This is not an issue; it’s the way it was meant to be.

    • Known issue: Some balance changes and load/score music used from previous and current versions of EpicMod did not seem to work on actual single player campaign missions. (ex. Tiberium Spike at 25 credits per second when it’s supposed to be nerfed to 15 credits per second.)

    Coming soon for Version 1.5 beta 3: (proposed; some may not be in this version)

    • Every time Scrin faction wins a mission or skirmish, victory score will be VictoryEvil1, not Nod Victory Evil score.

    • new support powers: Power Signature Scan, Decoy Temple, Firehawk Airstrike

    • All crushable infantry will cause tier 1 tanks to decelerate while crushing.

    • Scrin Mastermind's teleport ability will no longer work on EMP’ed/phased units.

    • Scrin Buzzer Swarm support power will return.

    • Predator Tank will get a new model and will have a secondary ability.

    • Titan will have railguns when upgraded and will have a secondary ability as the Smoke Screen.

    • Confessor Squad will have hallucinogenic grenades as a secondary ability.

    • All engineers will have the ability to remove mines when detected within a 150 yd radius.

    • will have a new unit: Nod Armageddon Bomber.

    • will have a new structure: Nod Weapons Factory.

    • Grenadier Squad will have an ability to throw EMP grenades after that new upgrade is made. EMP Grenades upgrade will cost 1500 in 30 seconds from the GDI Armory.

    • will have a new upgrade as Cybernetic Legs: Cost 1500 in 20 seconds from Secret Shrine. Will make all confessor squads, rocket squads, black hand, and engineers run 25% faster on their speed.

    • A fix for all air transports loading/unloading units is issued, but because of the free Call for Transport, this is doubtful for questioning.

    • Scrin Harvester will have shields when upgraded; however, a new and higher shield model will be needed.

    • And more to come.

    Version 1.5 Beta 1 Changes

    • New Units:
    * Titan (GDI), costs 1500, requires GDI Tech Center, can able to crush tier 2 and lower units and has a special ability called the Smoke Screen (doesn't work at this time). Unit taunts are derived from KW and speed is a bit slower than the Predator Tank, armor/health is 15% more than the Predator Tank. Rate of Fire increased by 10% and range is 325. (this unit is derived from a public release model from the team of
    * Orca MiniGunner (GDI). Costs 1200, requires GDI Airfield, uses its minigun and there's no need for reloading, similar to the Hammerhead from KW. The original GDI Orca will be renamed as Orca Fighter. Weapon model is used from the Nod Venom for it's only primary attack effective against infantry but less against aircraft.
    * Spotter (Nod), costs 1000, requires Nod Operations Center. Similar to the GDI sniper, this solo unit is faster and stronger plus it can detect nearby stealth. (temporarily)

    • New Main Menu logo added in the main menu screen.

    • Actual portrait icons for the GDI Shatterer and Nod Confessor Cabal from KW are modified.

    • EVA no longer uses the "Enemy Commando Detected" message. Instead, every player is informed when a commando is built.

    General Balance Changes:

    • Economic Nerf: Refineries cost 3000 each, use only -10 power and 5 seconds (instead of 1 second) on unloading Tiberium into the refinery. Sell price for refinery is 1000 credits. Tib Spikes when captured get 500 credits and gain 15 credits per second. Big Tiberium Silo when captured get 5000 credits. Growth Accelerator gains 25 credits every 5 seconds.

    • Harvesters remain at a cost of 1400 each and they can now self heal without heroic veterancy. GDI Harvester gets a infantry slot for defensive uses very much like the Heavy Harvester from KW. Nod Harvester gets a slower harvesting rate which is now equal to the GDI and Scrin Harvesters.

    • Engineer Capture Delay for all engineers will be now set to 2 seconds that only applies to enemy structures, not neutral tech structures.

    • Command/Operations/Nerve Center(s) will cost 2000/20 each. Power usage equally increased to -8.

    • Surveyors, Emissaries and Explorers will be built from War Factory or Warp Sphere instead of Construction Yard/Drone Platform to reduce early extra base rush. Now cost 750/8.

    • APC "evacuate all" button now evacuates all infantry at the current location instantly rather than employing a target location. This also applies to V-Ox and Carryall transports as well.

    • Projectile speeds of rocket-based weapons increased significantly for the following units to improve responsiveness & efficiency: Pitbulls, Mammoths, Missile-loadout Firehawks, Battlebase/Deployed Rig, GDI/Nod Rocket soldiers and Nod Rocket Missile Battery.

    • Booby Trap cost decreased to 100 (applies to Saboteur, GDI Commando and Nod Commando.

    • All structures (including captured tech structures) repair 60% slower.

    • Added new changes to Skirmish AI significantly. Easy AI can become Medium difficultly. Medium AI can become Hard difficulty. Hard AI can become very hard difficulty. Brutal AI can become mostly hard difficulty.

    • Fog of War reappears in 15 seconds instead of 3 or 30 seconds.

    • Default starting value for players (in custom mission maps or skirmish maps) is 5000 instead of 1500.

    • Maximum amount of beacons placed on the battlefield is increased from 5 to 10. (multiplayer/skirmish only)

    • Modified the attribute modifiers slightly. Most units can now rank up faster in veterancy. Level 2 Veterancy (elite) bonus increased from +20% damage, +30% health to +25% damage, +40% health and add suppresability at a value of 200.

    • V-Ox and Carryall transports can attack from inside if an infantry squad or squads are inside the transports. However, after calling for transport by a unit, this action cannot be applied.

    • Civilian bunkers can now be garrisoned with 4 infantry squads. This also applies to Nod Bunkers as well.

    GDI Balance Changes:

    • Watchtower now requires Barracks in order to be built.

    • APC attack power vs aircraft & infantry increased by 15%. APC mines cost reduced from 500 to 300. Cooldown for placing mines reduced to 45 seconds. APC now comes with 2 repair drones as it goes on the field, repairing nearby vehicles.

    • Juggernaut increased cost to 2500 and its shells splash radius (primary attack & bombardment) increased by 60%. Scatter radius vs type is doubled. Juggernaut now has a infantry slot for defensive users very much like the Behemoth from KW. However, Zone Trooper Squad, Shock Trooper Squad, Disintegrators and Mastermind cannot garrison this unit.

    • Units summoned from Bloodhounds and Airborne support powers return back to veteran status instead of heroic.

    • Mammoth Tank can now self heal without heroic veterancy.

    • APC and Pitbull can now move backwards in reverse move.

    • Predator railgun Rate of Fire reduced by 11%. (hence more vulnerable to infantry)

    • Orca attack duration increased by 50% per shot.

    • Juggernaut clip reload time reduced from 5s to 3s for primary and secondary attacks.

    • Rig stealth detection range (unpacked) increased from 200 to 400.

    • Sensor pod cost reduced to 300 from 500.

    • Stratofighter upgrade cost reduced to 1000, build time reduced to 30s.

    • Composite Armor cost reduced to 1500, build time is 30s.

    • Sharpshooter Team support power cost increased to 3000, cooldown decreased to 180 seconds.

    Nod Balance Changes:

    • Shredder Turret now requires Hand of Nod in order to be built.

    • Any structure destroyed or sold will get you a Militant Squad except the Secret Shrine which remains the Confessor Squad.

    • Nod Laser Capacitators decrease its cost to 2500. Time to upgrade remains at 45 seconds.

    • Black Hand Squad's health reduced slightly, attack power increased by 20%, now deal 20% bonus damage to structures. Splash damage radius increased from 15 to 30 for better effectiveness vs large infantry squads and friendly fire has been removed.

    • Attack Bike attack range increased by 8%. Health increased by 10%. Bikes take an additional 12% penalty damage from CANNON weapons and a further 50% penalty damage from CANNON weapons to Nod Scorpion Tanks as well.

    • Avatar health reduced to 10000 from 11000 and it can now self heal without heroic veterancy. Primary weapon range increased from 350 to 375, commandeered beam cannon damage increased from 900 to 1100, and range of commandeered flame weapon increased from 100 to 200.

    • Signature Generator now creates a much bigger blimp on the enemy radar. Venom's ability recharge time increased from 1 second to 5 seconds.

    • Militant Squad is put back in the Hand of Nod. Militant Squad costs 300 in 4 seconds (to reduce infantry spam in skirmish mode).

    • Confessor Cabal will now require Secret Shrine in order to be built. Unit costs 500 in 6 seconds, provides 25% Rate of Fire bonus (instead of none) and it can now fire their own primary weapon as machine gun only. The hallucinogenic grenades are now as an unit ability, very much like from KW (not available in beta version); grenades will now be effective only when in large numbers and they will not affect allies.

    • Shadow Team: range increased from 200 to 225, clip reload time reduced by 40%, speed increased from 80 to 90, flying speed increased from 100 to 120.

    • Radar Jam support power cost reduced from 750 to 300.

    • Cloaking Field support power damage vs infantry reduced to 400 from 500.

    • Catalyst Missile support power cost increased to 2000.

    • Tiberium Infusion upgrade increased to 2000 credits in 30 seconds.

    Scrin Balance Changes:

    • Buzzer Hive now requires Portal in order to be built.

    • Shock Swarm support power now has correct portrait icon. Cost reduced to 3000 and it teleports three veteran Shock Troopers on the battlefield instead of 4.

    • Annihilator Tripod can now use conversion beams just like the Reaper Tripod from KW. Both Devourer Tank and Tripod get an extra 25% of their conversion beam collected from Tiberium. Tripod health reduced to 11000 from 12000 and it can now self heal without heroic veterancy.

    • Mastermind can now use Blink Pack to transport itself to another area in a short distance just like the Eradicator from KW and the Shock Trooper Squad. Blink Packs distance increases to 1000 from 800. Teleport recharge (to a group of units) increased to 20s from 10s.

    • Devourer Tank gets shields when upgraded with forcefield generators. Charged Devourer Tank can fire while moving. Range is reduced from 350 to 340.

    • Seeker Tank Armor versus rockets increased 10%, armor versus gun increased 10%.

    • Both Seeker Tank and Devourer Tank can now move backwards in reverse move. (was a bug issue in previous C&C3 patches)

    • Gunwalker attack range increased by 10% and health increased by 10%.

    • Assimilator is permanently cloaked when it both moves and stands still.

    • Technology Assembler structure's resistance to CANNON damage reduced by 25%.

    • Shock Trooper Squad can now be crushed by tier 1 and above units. Their plasma disk upgrade should now be able to fire against enemy aircraft. Plasma Disk upgrade atk power increased to 300 from 280.

    • Buzzer costs 300 in 4 seconds (to reduce buzzer spam), Disintegrators cost 500 in 6 seconds and Mutant Marauders cost 600 in 7 seconds.

    • Planetary Assault Carrier (invader fighters only): damage increased from 45 to 55, health increased 10%.

    • Plasma Disc launcher cost/build time reduced to 1500/30s. Blink Packs cost/build time reduced to 500/15s.

    • Tiberium Vibration Scan support power cost reduced to 300.

    • Stasis Shield support power cost increased to 2000.

    • Ion storm healing (including the ion storm by both Storm Column and Planetary Assault Carrier) is increased to 5% per second from 2%.

    Modified and done but doesn't work (possibly that they cannot be overwritten):

    • Modified the default hot keys ingame.

    • Changing the starting values of the MP/Skirmish modes. In increments of 5000 credits, the low is 5000, the high is 50000. Default is 10000 as low, 40000 as high.

    Known Issues:

    • Titan doesn't show any special ability on the unit itself when it's supposed to be.

    • Confessor Cabal often cannot fire after throwing hallucinogenic grenades. Though firing their primary and secondary weapons together is a bug.

    • Annihilator Tripod cannot use all 3 beam attacks as conversion beam attacks when attacking after collecting Tiberium for its secondary weapon ability.

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    It says that the file is unavailable when I click the link

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    Hmm, this is quite an old thread, maybe the download has moved?

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