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Thread: C&C4 Developer Q&A 7

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    Default C&C4 Developer Q&A 7

    If you're itching for more info on Command and Conquer 4 then you just might be in luck as the developers have answered a further 5 questions in the next in their weekly Q&A session. This week they have answered the following questions:

    Will the player be able to use Forgotten units in multiplayer?

    Does the defense class have any tank units?

    Now that tier 3 aircraft have been created for GDI and Nod, what are some examples of these new flying menaces?

    Do superweapons work in a similar way as previous C&C games? How hard is to tech up to build one, and how long is the cool down time?

    Is the Nod Avatar returning? What is its combat role in the 4th Tiberium War?

    To check out the answers to these questions head on over to the full article on the official site.

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    Arrow I actually found thi

    I actually found this more entnetainirg than James Joyce.

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    Default Generals 2

    Hi Everyone, how come there was never a sequel to Generals....ever since red alert the best one

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