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Thread: Flame Tank Unit Profile

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    Default Flame Tank Unit Profile

    A new unit profile has been released, this time for the Flame Tank, one of Nod's most iconic units. Here is an excerpt reflecting its changed combat role in C&C4:

    In 2064, the balance of power shifted with the introduction of GDI's new line of Zone Armor, providing excellent flame protection, among other things, and economical enough to be standard issue for every GDI soldier. This posed a problem for the Separatist forces, which relied on the TWIII Flame Tank for its "shock and awe" campaign against the Tiberium Control Network. With the older model increasingly ineffective against Zone Infantry and easily destroyed by opposing GDI tanks, the Separatists began modifying the Flame Tank to handle these new developments; they reworked the chemical cocktail used in the flamethrower to support anti-structural attacks and added additional armor plating for better survivability.

    See the entire profile here.

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    Lightbulb That's the best answ

    That's the best answer by far! Thanks for coutribnting.

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