Hi fellow fans. As you all know, I am stepping down from C&C-Relived. this is due to several reasons however, I am not dead. I will still be your average C&C-World news poster.

Thanks to all those who helped me with and bring my site up to the Community. Thanks go to Banshee, Roncos and Tore. I know it's sad to leave but I have a very busy life so i will not be able to manage the site.

Anyways, a big thanks to the following who allowed me to interview.

Aro - Twisted Insurrection

Ganster - TS-Rewire

Morpher - Tiberium Odyssey

So, post all of your requests including farewell letters and esp letters that can bring up my morale. If it;s possible, I will be back at C&C-Relived.

Oh and btw, I am still the webmaster so don't think you can take control of my site. XD

So cya and hope i get back on the horse.