An alpha version of CNC-ddraw has been released and is available for download now. CNC-ddraw is an OpenGL re-implementation of the old DirectDraw API which was used for games such as Command & Conquer 95 and Red Alert. It helps solves many issues getting these older games working on modern operating systems such as Windows 7. CNC-ddraw is still a work in progress, it might crash or do other undesirable things. Below is a short list of key features.

Command & Conquer 95 v1.04a+ support
Red Alert v3.03 support
Windowed mode
Resolution stretching
Aspect ratio correction
Different scaling filters (GL_LINEAR/GL_NEAREST)
Better multi-core/SMP compatiblity
Better Windows Vista/7 compatibility
Better Wine compatibility
FPS limiting
Mouse sensitivity scaling
More details, some screen shots and the download can found here.