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Thread: MOTY 2010 - Phase II

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    Default MOTY 2010 - Phase II

    Thanks to everyone who voted in the ModDB Mod Of The Year Awards an outstanding 20 Command and Conquer mods have made it into the top 100, and the only Unreal Tournament mod to make it was the C&C-themed Renegade X! Now the second round of voting has begun to whittle down the top 100 to just 5, so once again the C&C Community needs you to login to ModDB and vote for your favourite. Some mods you might consider voting for include:

    Another mod that's made it though is C&C3: The Forgotten and to mark this achievement the team have released the full 27 tracks from the original score that will feature in the mod and the cinematics. Additionally the mod's composer Jeffrey Holley has written an article on the composition process:
    We knew we wanted to have a recurring piano theme throughout the song and when deciding what it should sound like, I thought I would take "The Forgotten" name of the mod literally and convert it to something that had a sad feeling. After a while, I didn't want the song all depressing, so I decided to make it a little more "We won't be forgotten," which is of course one of The Forgotten's rallying cries. The piano was the first section I worked on. Since I think major chords have a happy feel, minor chords would have a sad feel. If I could get a nice melody going, I would have an idea of what I want the rest of the song to sound like and potentially what instruments to use.
    You can read the full piece here, and download the soundtrack here. Don't forget to vote for your favourite mods to ensure they win the coveted Mod Of The Year award!

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    Unhappy Research & Developme

    Research & Development was my favourite. A first prseon puzzle game with a lot of awesome and fresh ideas and much more fun than the original Half Life 2. I bought episode 2 only to be able to play this mod and it was worth it!

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