The Dawn of the Tiberium Age (DTA) is Tiberian Sun to Tiberian Dawn total conversion. In other words, this mod entirely converts Tiberian Sun's graphics into Tiberian Dawn's, using a lot of graphics that were directly converted from Tiberian Dawn and also a lot of new graphics.
his mod has 2 game modes:

  • Classic: the intend of this game mode is to replicate Tiberian Dawn's gameplay as closely as possible, with of course all the benefits of TS's engine (such as queues when building units, Q-move, custom short-keys, resolutions as high as your monitor allows, smart AI and especially skirmish games).
  • Enhanced: as the name implies, the intend of this game mode is to further "enhance" the game by improving the game balance and adding many new units, buildings and weapons.

Watch this video to see many of the features this version of DTA has to offer (view it with 720p or 1080p in full-screen if possible):

As you can see in the video, the mod is simply installed by placing the launcher in an empty folder, starting the launcher and clicking the 'Install / Reinstall' button, there's a short campaign, CnCNet is the default method for playing multiplayer which can be accessed via the 'Play on CnCNet' button in the launcher, there are special "Comp Stomp" maps which are optimized for human vs AI team battles and the AI is no push-over.

For more information and to download the mod you can either visit DTA's website or its Mod DB page.