Hi, I wanted to play the original CnC, and I remembered that it was released for free, so i did a quick google search. Surprisingly there were NOT many options. Anyways, I came across cncforums.com to THIS PAGE. I clicked on the "download here" link, and it took me to a page with three iso files to download, the GDI disk, the NOD disk, and a 3rd one. I first tried clicking on the GDI one, and it didn't download, think the link was broken, or the file is not hosted anymore. Same thing with the NOD disk, while the 3rd one was ok, I didn't download it.

So I remembered that a while ago, I had created an accout here. I logged in to ask if anyone knows where I can download a free working copy of this game? I've seen several sites say you can download it and other free CnC games @ http://www.commandandconquer.com/classic but when I go there, I don't see anything about downloads.

Another problem... AFTER (but not before) logging in, If i try and click on the "downloads" link (for cncforums.com) to go to the downloads section, it says "HiGhGuY, you do not have permission to access this page." WTF... so as an unregistered guest, I can view the downloads section, but after logging in, I can't?

Can somebody Please help me, find the first CnC to download free, and figure out why I can't enter the downloads section. I would really appreciate it, thanks.