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Thread: Generals 2 to feature no Campaign!

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    Default Generals 2 to feature no Campaign!

    That's right; C&C: Generals 2 will not feature a Singleplayer campaign at launch. This frankly insulting revelation was made in an interview at PC Gamer in which lead developer John Van Caneghem said:
    [We] Really want to get back to the roots of what made Command & Conquer great. Generals 2 will let us harvest and throw up bases in order to build a zillion units and go out and kill all the bad guys
    JVC seems to have completely overlooked the rich fiction surrounding the C&C universes expertly told in singleplayer campaigns through out beloved FMVs. Whatever Singleplayer is added will no doubt be a chargeable addon released at a later date.

    Once I got over the shock of this glaring release announcement I suppose I'm not so surprised given EA management's insistence on releasing C&C4 with a campaign so lacking in direction it seemed like a mere afterthought - it seems that they're going the whole hog in Generals 2 and getting rid of it entirely.

    Given EA's atrocious record of giving the developers the resources to support C&C games post-launch you'll forgive my scepticism when I don't believe half this will materialise. Does anyone remember the promised Generals Ladder Kits, the Red Alert 3 match-making website or the website-to-game messaging services that never materialised?

    This comes as a disappointment to me following the release of the beautiful Gamescom trailer last week:

    < /rant over>
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    Hmm, it's not on cncnz. dissapointing though

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