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Thread: The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.12

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    Default The Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.12

    For those unaware about this mod; it's a total conversion which completely changes Tiberian Sun into Tiberian Dawn and also adds many new features.

    In case you missed it, The Dawn of the Tiberium Age version 1.12 was released about a day before New Year's eve and given how busy the days surrounding this date are, I haven't even had time to make a proper news post for it yet and I only barely managed to finish the trailer video in time.

    So exactly what are the main changes and additions in DTA v1.12?

    First off, Classic mode's balance between vehicle speeds, infantry speeds, weapon firing rates and weapon firing ranges now matches Tiberian Dawn much more accurately and many of these changes have been applied to enhanced mode as well.

    This doesn't only make classic mode's gameplay feel more similar to Tiberian Dawn, but these changed unit speeds also make infantry more useful in both classic mode and enhanced mode, because they're relatively much faster now and thus are no longer destined to become red paint on a tank's tracks.

    All water is animated now (this includes shores, water cliffs, water falls and so on), which can been seen on the old maps you know from version 1.11 and also on the decent number of new maps that have been added in version 1.12.

    And since we're on the subject of water already; ships are now easily able to navigate around obstacles without issues (regardless of the distance or number of obstacles between them and their destination) and also even the AI is able to (and will!) use ships now. So if you think you can still safely move your MCV to an isolated island and build up your base there without getting bothered by the AI like before, some AI cruisers will likely come and give you a rough wakeup-call.

    Playing DTA online and in skirmish mode is better than ever now, thanks to CnCNet5, the spawner that comes with it and of course the new launcher.
    You can forget about the Comp Stomp maps and their teleporters that were introduced in DTA 1.11 or having to search the map to find friend's base before you can form an alliance, because you can now select your starting locations and set up teams before the match has even started; you can even form a team with an AI player.

    And last but not least, the Red Alert factions have been added as playable sides in Enhanced mode.
    The Tiberian Dawn factions are of course also still playable in Enhanced mode, which means that you can now for example play with Nod against Soviet or mix it up however you like.
    Take a look at the trailer video if you haven't already to get a glimpse of what such battles with mixed TD and RA factions can look like...

    ...or you can of course just download the mod and experience it yourself.

    To install the mod, you can either download the installer and let it automatically download the mod's latest files and install the mod for you, or you can download the mod's files in a zip package from Mod DB's faster servers and then extract it into an empty folder.

    You can view the change log to see a complete list of all additions, changes and fixes in version 1.12 of DTA and also exactly who deserves credit for all of these changes.
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