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Thread: What was once broken, let ye be fixed!

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    Default What was once broken, let ye be fixed!

    Well it's been quite a while hasn't it!

    As you've no doubt noticed, this website has been dormant for quite some time. This is simply because my interest in Command & Conquer has waned following the closure of the RTS studio at EA in Los Angeles. The cancellation of Generals 2 was really the final nail in the coffin as far as I'm concerned.

    The observant amongst you might have noticed I closed my other project - - back in December 2014, due in part to lacking the interest to keep the backend software which ran the site up to date and secure. However I did not want the same fate to befall, so finding myself with some free time and a desire to tinker, I'm pleased to advise that the site is now operational once more!

    The maintenance I have performed is as follows:
    • The layout is fixed
    • The navigation links are fixed
    • Forums updated to latest version
    • Appropriate colour scheme applied to forum
    • Forums cleared of a large amount of spam
    • Automated anti-spam measures applied to forum
    • Photo Gallery updated to latest version
    • Poll updated to latest version
    • Download management system replaced

    I'm sure you'll agree that things are looking and working much better than before! Unfortunately the download management system I was previously using is no longer in production and so had to be retired. With no easy way to import the data from the old system, at present the download section is looking rather sparse. I've managed to manually import everything into an Unsorted category where it will become a job for another day.

    See you in another 3 years, or maybe sooner if a new C&C game is released!
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