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Thread: Rules For All Ideas Forums!

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    Exclamation Rules For All Ideas Forums!

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    Welcome to the CNC Vision Ideas Forum. This forum is entirely composed of ideas sent in by the community! This forum allows us to share ideas with eachother and the developers in a very organized fashion. This is our best chance for EA to see our input and affect some things in the upcoming game!

    You do not have to register to post in these forums. If you plan on posting ideas every once in a while, it is recommended that you register, it takes less than a minute. You can also post in the discussion forums if you register. If you post an idea as a guest, please post a name you would like to be credited to!

    Please post in the right sections and follow the rules for idea format in each thread. Please also check your grammar and spelling quickly to fix obvious mistakes. If you want to post an idea category that you think does not currently exist on the message board, please post in the miscellaneous sections and suggest a new section the idea would belong to. If you post in the wrong forum or post off topic things, your posts will be moved or deleted!

    Discussions about ideas will not occur in the ideas threads! Only post ideas in these threads!! If you want to discuss ideas then do it in the discussion forum. If you want to relate to an idea in the discussion then place a link to its thread in your post!

    This forum is more open. Each idea you want to post here will get its own thread. Just post an idea and have the thread title be a few words that describes your post.

    Enjoy the forums and please post any ideas you would like to see in CNC: Tiberium Wars!
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