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    Why would you want to know?


    This is what I think:

    Tanks = good on urban areas (roads), less range + sight, probably would mostly be artillary, because a mech or hovercraft with a big cannon would be really stupid, the cannon would give it a lot of weight, which makes it unbalanced, which means it can fall. Would be used as support, or possibly on clean up operations.
    Mechs = slower on most areas but tiberium fields and off road zones, better range and site, be nice if it could walk over hills/units (like a real mech would). Would be used as main combat units, should be able to shoot at aircraft, just inaccuarite, unless it fires missles.
    Hovering units = would be able to go on all terrain, only mechs or anti air craft stuff can shoot at it, can go on water, but it has to have light armor (or cost a lot) to be balanced. Probably would be mostly used as a scouting unit.
    Infantry = slowest of them all, cheap, easy to kill (shells should do more damage, because they explode!!!), easier to hide, and as Dd5271 said, can be mixed. They also should (when attacking buildings) use a different weapon, because your not gonna shoot at a wall with a rifle are you? The main thing about these guys is that they are cheap, but really anything should be able to slaughter them.

    Infantry should be affective against Mechs, Mechs are affective against tanks and hovering units, hovering units are good against tanks, tanks should be good against infantry (as in squishing them) or mechs (because they shoot at the legs, so does infantry).

    Be nice if EA would make it like that.
    Of course this doesn't just have to apply to GDI, or even Nod...
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