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    Post Special Weapons

    Please post ideas here only pertaining to Nod Special Weapons. Please place the name of the Special Weapon in the title of the post, and then describe it in the post in this manner:

    Recharge Time:
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    Default Ideas From Cnc Vision

    These are the ideas that were on the first CNC VISION site, made up of user submissions and ideas taken from the official forums, credit is given after the idea in parenthesis:

    --Name: Chemical Missile
    Purpose: Wide Area Damage Weapon
    Duration: 8-10 Minutes
    Brief: Unlike it's predecessor, this Chemical Missile is different in a variety of ways.
    1- It requires the Tiberium Research Facility which gives access to a variety of Tiberium - based technologies and also serves as a preparation area for the missile, lose it and the missile is gone. No more weed eaters, Chemical Missiles now require Tiberium to be created, therefore if you have no money = no Chemical Missile. It slowly consumes your credits until the missile is ready, at a steady rate. The missile is launched from the Temple of Nod, like all offensive Nod missiles.
    2- The Chemical Missile functions like the cluster missile in the sense that in explodes in mid air, releasing several poisonous Tiberium gas loads over a medium-large area. The gas loads explode on impact, causing minimal damage but they release the poisonous gases that cause damage over time.
    3- The Chemical Missile's poison gas load kills infantry almost instantly, it damages vehicles heavily as well over time. However, the poisonous gas does not damage structures, it merely renders them inactive (they turn darker or gray). Once the gas dissipates, the structure(s) regains function. During the time when a structure is gray, it can be captured by an engineer instantly (red health unnecessary).

    --Name: Nod Tiberium Warhead Rocket
    Purpose: Mid Area Damage Weapon
    Duration: 7-12 Minutes
    Brief: This weapon creates Tiberium on the ground within a short time after impact. Infantrymen that are near
    the impact of the missles are immediately mutated into visceroids. Buildings get harmed by the tiberium until
    half of their energy is gone. Building's cant get built on the Tiberium. Vehicles are also highly damaged, except
    harvesters. Harvesters can harvest the Tiberium. The damage to the buildings will immediately stop if the Tiberium
    near it is harvested away. If your enemy controls all other Tiberium fields you can also create your own Tiberium
    fields with this weapon for a short time. If you shoot the missles on a green tiberium field, the tiberium will
    become blue.

    --Name: Mini- Nuke
    Purpose: Wide Area Medium Damage Weapon
    Duration: 10-12 Minutes
    Brief: The classic nuke from TD. Need I say more?

    --Name: Subterranean Missile
    Purpose: Medium-Area Damage Weapon
    Duration: 8-10 minutes
    Brief: The Subterranean Missile is Nod's answer to GDI's Firestorm defense. Utilizing Subterranean technologies, they deploy a massive underground missile (from the Temple of Nod) that travels slow and stealthily towards its target destination, once it arrives it detonates underground, a huge shockwave emanates from the ground as the screen shakes, medium-high damage is delivered to structures in a small - medium area. Pavement/walls are destroyed and structures lose function for several seconds. Vehicles and Infantry generally remain unharmed, a little shaken though =) The missile would destroy any mines that are in its path.

    --Name: Subterranean Missile
    Purpose: Medium-Area Damage Weapon
    Duration: 12-16 minutes
    Brief: The subterranean missile is deployed from the Temple of Nod. It explodes underground causing a shockwave which slightly damages structures in a wide area as follows:
    - Center of shockwave and 2 spaces around
    - Destroys light structures, causes red health to medium structures, causes yellow almost red health to heavy armored structures (conyard etc...) and the following happen to structures in this area (conyard and production facilities cant construct for 10- 20 secs, players lose 1500 credits if refineries hit, power plants would have been destroyed anyway)
    - 4 space radius around centre: causes light structures red health, causes yellow almost red health to medium structures, causes yellow to heavy armored structures and the following happen to structures in the area (construction and production facilities cant construct for 5 - 10 seconds, players lose 1000 credits if refineries in this area, power is low)
    - outer areas of shockwave: causes light structures to yellow almost red health, yellow to medium structures, causes yellow health to heavy armored structures and the following happen to structures in the area (construction and production facilities construct slowly, players lose 500 credits if refineries in this area, power is lowered)

    --Name: Subterranean Concussion Missile
    Duration:4- 5 Minute recharge
    Purpose: Basically send an underground missile at any spot on the map, and when it explodes, it sends a concussion through the ground above, tearing apart infantry and light vehicles, ripping up the earth, and damaging heavy vehicles and buildings. Light buildings such as Lasers or Component towers will be ripped apart, as well. (the heavy buildings would be damaged heavily, but not too terribly much. This is basically a way to rid your enemies base of base defense, not heavy structures) (note, someone may have said something like this, but I believe the effect was different, in that it is mainly an anti- infantry/vehicle/base defense weapon)

    --Name: Subterranean Chemical sprayer
    Purpose: Wide Area Damage Weapon
    Duration: 9-11 Minutes
    Brief: The Nod Subterranean Chemical sprayer will travel underground to its target and then it will rise to the surface so that the top of the Missile is the only part visible above ground it will then spray toxic gas...the gas will pool in the surrounding area making it deadly to infantry and it will damage vehicles heavily over time and make structures inactive (the same gas as in the Nod Chemical Missile) the Area around the missile will stay toxic until the missile runs out of gas(will take 5 Minutes) or it is destroyed.

    --Name: Subterranean Reinforcements
    Purpose : Deploys 2 Subterranean APCS onto the battlefield full of heavier infantry.
    Duration: 4 - 5 minutes
    Brief: The APCs appear on part of the map somewhat near your base and start moving to your base, although they can be clicked on and told to move elsewhere. They are full of heavier infantry due to taking longer to get to the battlefield than GDI drop pods that get there instantly. By heavier infantry I mean some light infantry, but mostly more powerful infantry (such as the Nod counterpart to the zone trooper). No cyborg commandos or anything in it.

    --Name: Eye of Nod
    Purpose: Spying
    Duration: 4- 5 minutes
    Brief: This ability allows Nod Generals to actually use GDI's own observational satellites against them.
    Nod Generals will be able to see through the fog of war in a target area for several seconds thanks to GDI. (Much like Spy planes from RA1)

    --Name: Propaganda Broadcast
    Purpose: Conversion of enemy and neutral units.
    Duration: 4-5 minutes.
    Brief: Available through Nod's radar, the Propaganda Broadcast does just that, it broadcasts Nod's propaganda message over a localized small area that would convert enemy and neutral units to Nod's cause. However, the catch is, the conversion is not instant. When you choose to broadcast Nod Propaganda, you must select a target area and HOLD the mouse button for several seconds (minimum 4-5 secs) while the effect takes place (You'll notice the enemy units slowly down if moving and you'll see an icon over their heads), if you let go of the button the effect will wear off. The conversion is permanent and only works on infantry and vehicles (no cyborgs).

    --Weapon: Spirit Hand of Kane
    Purpose: Converts infidels to believers
    Duration: 5-6 minutes
    Brief: Fires a rocket that unleashes a cloud of gas that persuades enemy forces and civilians to your cause. Tech center is required for this missile to be available. Must have a missile launcher platform to be used. It unleashes a red cloud of gas that spreads over a small area, which converts infantry and light armored vehicles to the brotherhood's cause.

    --Name: Black Hand Elite Drop
    The Black Hand Elite is a squad of 6 NOD special forces units. Their primary weapons are high - precision laser rifles, and grenades. Although it is not stealthed, the squad does not appear on enemy radar. Once in an enemy base, they can either infiltrate structures and shut - off production, or storm the building and capture it. They are also able to capture enemy vehicles.

    --Name: EMP Cannon
    Purpose: Disable large area
    Duration: 10- 12 minutes (individual timer for each emp)
    Brief: This is a fixed structure like in TS and its EMP has twice the blast radius of a GDI MEC. Like the GDI MEC it has its own individual timer so you can have multiple EMPs.

    --Name: T.A.S.C.A. (Temporary Area Strategic Cloaking Ability)
    Purpose: Temporary Cloaking or Stealthing of a group of units
    Duration: 4-6 minutes
    Brief: Gives a group or Squad of combined units within a specified radius the ability to be cloaked or
    stealthed for a short period of time.
    Back-story: NOD has came across technology to bend light around specific objects using the specific properties they have found in tiberium, through research they have designed this technology to be adapted to tanks and units suits, but only for a short period of time, because if the tiberium molecules used to bend the light are used too long it becomes unstable and starts to breakdown the very thing it was meant to hide. When the "super" is activated all units within that group are equipped with new suits and armor that has this technology built into it, they can use it for a short period to gain strategic movements past certain defenses or units the enemy has placed to guard against troop movement. Once the "super" wears off it must be ejected leaving behind a small area where tiberium then grows or maybe a small cloud of tiberium. Units equipped with this technology suffer slightly from this effect and take some part damage, however that is a small price to pay for something such as temporary stealth.

    --Name: Subterranean Spy
    Purpose: Easy to enter a base and avoid defenses and shuts the power down as with previous spies, except the duration is doubled to a 2 min period, providing line of sight within the zone he entered for that time and also completely resets the enemy superweapon counter. As if your spy had entered the powerplant, coms center and superweapon structure all at once. It doesn't begin recharging until the unit is used or destroyed. This takes 6 mins to recharge.
    The unit cant do to much but is a superweapon to counter superweapons.
    The Original CNC Community Brain Storming Site:

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