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    Default Online play

    What do you want added to online play like in the Lobbys etc?

    note this is not about online gameplay.... just everything else....

    #1 for me is to be able to block anyone who contacts you.... If the send a message i want to be able to block them. Im currently being harrased by this little upstart who some of you know as bother-blood (lil' idiot couldnt even spell brother before i ment him....)

    well I finaly lost it with him and told him to **** off get ****ed etc etc but as i didnt ignor him before i deleated him i can not ignor him and he is sitting in either a game or main page constantly calling me so i cant start a game without it crashing....

    #2 different coloured writing like in MSN with the diff fonts etc..... but no size changes.....

    #3 flood-control.... You can only post say 10 messages before you are blocked for 30 sec or so..... help avoid spam bots from owning the lobbies....

    #4 games that update on there own/more reguarly. Its annoying joining a game only for it to be full or have started already.

    #5 maybe some sort of reward system simmilar to BF2 where as you progress through the ranks you get better units.

    #6 Overhaul the communicator its a piece of junk IMO too small for detailed messages and its annoying in game as it just wont let you type out a sentence while your playing. leading to everyone using TS, Skype and Xfire.... most of them only on 56k modems and causing uber lag.

    #7 better kick facility.... need i say more? If someone is creating Lag they should be out on there ear!

    #8 more options when hosting.... I want to be able to add/remove super weapons only have certain gens etc.... just more options like TS did.

    #9 A login system more like BF2 maybe... In that you have the option to add a clan name infront of your name instead of using Gamespyid.

    #10 auto firewall detector! how simple is that? when you log in you have to quickly download a small file if it works you can play! If it dont your PC explodes in your face....

    #11 when an ally DC's his units become yours....

    I'll prob think off a few more later....

    And yes im quite aware i will have broken some CNCVision 'rule' by posting here... its too far right or somink init.... oh well I'll just copy it all into word and if its deleated I'll paste it into CNCF CNC3 section see they dont care if i post topics like this there....

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    or you could have just posted it in the multiplayer miscellaneous section, which would make logical sense. I posted your ideas into that thread. If you want to post it on the other forums too go ahead.
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