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Thread: commander idea

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    I like the commander idea, but how about it progresses you rather then you choosing, so if you spam tanks, then you start to specialise in tanks. If you spam aircraft, then it specialises you in that. I think aim it at multiplayer, and then allow opponents to see who they're up against. It adds more strategy, and it also makes people play a lot more if they want to specialise, as they have to play a set way for a while before the specialisation kicks in. This screws me though, as i never play online!!

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    By :That kitchen is hiodues.Beyond hiodues. It was such a cool house before the remuddlers got to it. I wish I'd have saved the pictures. Now it's just sad.Oh well. I think there's a special section of hell set aside for these kind of investors'. Each of them gets their own huge house filled with nothing but granite, modern, open kitchen spaces with great flow' and stainless steel but no exit.Then eternity to ponder their tasteful upgrades' they have forced upon so many once unique houses. Rate this comment: 0 0

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