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Thread: The Models That Started Hi3P!

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    Wink go ahead. A week lat

    go ahead. A week later was contacted again from HMH saynig they had found a buyer and needed a holding fee paid from my CC my wife actually, and she gave our CC details. They are still contacting me because I haven't yet agreed to them using my CC. The protracted and seemingly complicated method of the transaction and the CC issue just rang too many warning bells.Glad i've seen this site that has confirmed my thoughts on the issue.Whether I cancel the CC now, I'm not sure.

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    Wink RE: Yeah, ok, tha

    RE: Yeah, ok, that's one thing but why don't we talk about the possibility of a lahar from Rainier?USGS has most rencetly given us a 1 in 7 chance of a substantial' event like the one that send sand flowing all the way up to the Port of Seattle only 1200 years ago happening in the average person's lifetime. An event such as the Osceola mudflow (6000 years ago) would obliterate Tacoma, Puyallup, and most of Renton, and probably even damage downtown Seattle.Those are terrible odds if everything you own is at stake, and your lives as well. I won't even consider property built on the Osceola mudflow. I mean do you really want to die in your bed as a wall of mud rushes towards you at 60 km/h? I know I don't.Rainier doesn't even have to erupt for this to happen. It just has to shrug it's shoulders Rate this comment: 0 0

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