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    Default Tiberian Videos Productions

    At this address you will find Unit Profiles on the units in the Tiberium Essence Mod for CNC3 on, which many think is one of the best mods around.

    The mod brings back unit such as:

    GDI Titan
    GDI Wolverine
    GDI Orca Bomber
    GDI Hover MLRS
    NOD Cyborgs
    NOD Cobra Artillery
    NOD Cyborg Commando
    NOD Scareb APC
    NOD Banshee

    AND MANY More

    Also it adds new units such as:

    GDI Disrupter
    GDI Falcon
    GDI Jump Jet Trooper
    SCRIN Conquerer
    SCRIN Defiler
    SCRIN Assult Mother Ship
    SCRIN Stalwart
    MUTANT Rocket Squad
    MUTANT Commando
    MUTANT Pitbull
    AND MANY More

    And it remodels many other units such as:

    GDI APC (Renamed to Goliath APC)
    NOD Scorpion tank (Renamed to Scorpion Tank MKII)
    NOD Flame Tank (Renamed to Devil's Tounge)
    NOD Black Hand
    NOD Beam Cannon (Renamed to Basilisk Beam Cannon)
    NOD Raider Buggie
    AND MANY More

    We at TVP give:

    History about each unit
    Weapon Types
    Stats of the Unit
    A short interview with the maker
    A video of the unit in action
    Special Abilities

    Please everyone if you have not played Tiberium Essence PLEASE DOWNLOAD TODAY, also if you want to check it out before you do come look at the unit Profiles in the top link... If all you want to do is download and check it out the unit profiles later then use the Below link:

    Please I think this is the best mod around.

    Obviously it is free, and i am not making an profit... Just trying to make other people have as much fun as i have had!!!
    We are just dedicated to giving you EXELLENT unit profiles to inform you of the mods high quality and fun level, we hope you enjoy TVP and TE both. So please check it out!

    Please and Thank You

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    Thanks for posting, I've mentioned this on the homepage.

    Webmaster of - [CnCWorld]

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